7 Tips For A Safe Workout

Have you decided to go to the gym regularly in order to increase your physical activity and get that dream body? Good for you! However, you have to make sure that you’re completely ready for such

7 Ways to Lose Pounds Naturally Within Weeks

These days, the health risks and complications associated with obesity are well-known. As such, more and more people are taking steps to keep their weight in check.

However, not all of those steps are

Health Benefits of Running in The Morning

It’s nearly a proven fact for all of us that as we get older, our lives get busier. Suddenly, all that free time we seemed to have growing up — so much so that we’d actually complain about

Boost Mental Health in 2 weeks with More Fruits and Veggies

It may seem like a no-brainer for better health, yet many people still eschew high consumption of fruits and vegetables for

3 Surprising Ways Less Sugar Will Increase Your Health

You probably know that too much processed sugar is bad for your health. Your parents certainly warned you of getting sick or spoiling your meal if you ate too much candy and much advertising has been

Foods That Boost Your Thyroid

The thyroid gland acts as your body’s control center. Its constant release or withholding of various hormones signals the body to carry out specific functions. Located below the Adam’s Apple (aka

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