How To Feel Better With 4 Easy Changes

Making the necessary changes to feel great inside and outside is often something we are going to start ‘tomorrow’ and the one thing we never get around to doing. Feeling great isn’t a 1000 step

12 Fun and Exhilarating Ways to Get Fit

Breaking a sweat helps us eliminate toxins from our body while making us fit in the process. That’s why exercising at least three times a week is essential for staying in shape and keeping a balanced

4 Foods You Didn’t Expect Would Be Good for Your Bones

Most people know that for good bone development and maintenance they need to eat foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D, such as sardines, salmon and yogurt. Calcium and vitamin D are essential

Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes seems to be everywhere these days. It is so prevalent that it is astounding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not announcing it as an all out epidemic.

According to the American

Improve Your Balance as You Age

Falling can cause all sorts of damage and when you are over sixty that damage can be an unfortunate life changer. If things don’t seem as steady as they used to be, learn how to improve your balance

3 Simple Wellness-Boosting Tips For Women In Their 30s

Congratulations, you have made it to your 30s! There has never been a better time for you to look after and pay attention to your body.

In fact, now that you are in your 30s, I hope that you can do yourself

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