7 Body Boosting Smoothies

Sometimes staying healthy can taste good too. If you like smoothies or were curious about starting to implement these blended concoctions into your daily menu, why not try

8 Super Weird Exotic “Superfoods” Are About To Be The Next Big Craze 

Superfoods have been gaining a lot of popularity in the health community the past few years.  They are nutrient dense foods that are a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals.  Today you are

Getting in Shape for Summer

Summer is a season away, but we all know that if you want that fit body for summer, you should have already started working on it. But if you’re just now breaking out the skirts and tops and figuring

Earthing Makes You Feel Better

If you have ever taken a walk through a natural setting you inevitably return home feeling much better than when you left. This is because you re-connected with the earth

Natural Fixes for Sciatica

Sharp, electrical jolt-like pain running down the back of your leg could be sciatica. This is when the sciatic nerve becomes affected by a variety of causes resulting in

3 Healthy Prostate Tips

In men, surrounding the neck of the bladder is an unassuming walnut-sized gland called the prostate. This structure is responsible for secreting fluid that supports the protection

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