5 Natural Ways to Maintain Hair and Hair Color

Seeing more of your hair end up on your brush or in your sink rather than on your head can be unsettling. As your luxurious mane seems to thin out, more often than not it is changing color as well.

10 Superfoods That Will Boost You Towards A Nutritious Life

Organic khichri, fresh salads, mixed nuts, sprouted mung beans, black bean hummus, salmon and organic protein bars – what do all these have in common? These are all foods that will boost your

4 Benefits of Peptide Supplements

One major component of maintaining life is the production and function of peptides. Peptides are building blocks of proteins, cell transporters, hormone regulators, and overall systemic structure elements.

Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes seems to be everywhere these days. It is so prevalent that it is astounding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not announcing it as an all out epidemic.

According to the American

Improve Your Balance as You Age

Falling can cause all sorts of damage and when you are over sixty that damage can be an unfortunate life changer. If things don’t seem as steady as they used to be, learn how to improve your balance

What Your Dreams Might Mean

Most have at least experienced one dream in their lifetime. That sensation of being immersed in another world while you sleep

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