4 Natural Pet Allergy Remedies

You love dogs, cats or even horses but every time you get within two feet of one your start to itch, tear and sniffle. Now, anywhere you go that has been frequented by a

Surprising Natural Remedies For Yellowing Teeth

Before attempting expensive, annoying, teeth whitening products try an alternative route. With various botanical and mineral compounds you may be able to stop creeping stains

4 Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy may sound like some sort of New Age mumbo jumbo leftover from the 1960’s hippie era. However, you are surrounded by it everyday and being exposed to it either

4 Natural Hacks for Acid Reflux

Indigestion, heartburn, GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) and acid reflux are all similar conditions that cause gastrointestinal and esophageal pain. There are many

Cannabis Coconut Oil: Recipe and Health Benefits

Want to improve heart health? Want to get relief from pain?

Or you want to boost your memory power?

Cannabis coconut oil is your answer. As the name implies, the oil is the combination of cannabis and

3 Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac

This summer be sure to watch out for pesky poisonous plants that can really ruin your day. The most prominent are called rhus family plants (poison ivy, oak and sumac) and

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