Self-Massage for Body Pain

When you are in pain, getting rapid relief is essential. This is why reaching for medications has become so commonplace. They are easy to find and usually work fast, like

Fight Allergies at Home By Doing These 12 Things

Allergies are never fun, especially if they’re a reoccurring problem (which, for the most part, they are).  And you already know the drill: take an antihistamine, stay inside as much as possible

3 Healthy Prostate Tips

In men, surrounding the neck of the bladder is an unassuming walnut-sized gland called the prostate. This structure is responsible for secreting fluid that supports the protection

Contact Lenses Myths Debunked

There’s a surprising number of myths related to contact lenses and their use. From strange urban legends to simple misinformation about how the product works, there are stories out there that might

Eye Drops for Macular Degeneration?

As advancement in macular degeneration research continues, so too have the drug delivery options for symptom management as well as slowing disease progression. Now, instead

Omega-3: Why You Need It

Omega-3 fatty acids are unknown invisible heroes that help your whole body. This fatty acid maintains your cell health, boosts your brain function, maintains your blood pressure, and even keeps the

5 Natural Ways to Maintain Hair and Hair Color

Seeing more of your hair end up on your brush or in your sink rather than on your head can be unsettling. As your luxurious mane seems to thin out, more often than not it is changing color as well.

10 Superfoods That Will Boost You Towards A Nutritious Life

Organic khichri, fresh salads, mixed nuts, sprouted mung beans, black bean hummus, salmon and organic protein bars – what do all these have in common? These are all foods that will boost your

Telemedicine for Macular Degeneration

It’s getting to the point that there’s no need to leave your home for mundane chores anymore. From buying groceries to finding the right book, all you have to do is open

Diet and Nutrition to Help Your Body Go Through Surgery

In most cases, surgeries are scheduled early enough to give you time for preparation. And as much as you need to prepare yourself emotionally, there is another thing you need to have in mind. When you

6 Benefits of Talking to Yourself

Have you ever had a full conversation with yourself, out loud? Maybe you’re in your car alone or puttering around the house trying to figure something out. Then you catch yourself and maybe recoil

4 Benefits of Peptide Supplements

One major component of maintaining life is the production and function of peptides. Peptides are building blocks of proteins, cell transporters, hormone regulators, and overall systemic structure elements.

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