Research Backed Benefits of Sports

When we are kids nobody needed to tell us the benefits of playing outside.

This generation on the other hand seems to be slipping away from sports and games. There’s still some fire left in organized

The Real Reason you are Constantly Hoarse

If you have ever suffered from a bizarre sore throat that constantly makes you hoarse it could be difficult to properly diagnose. Believe it or not this mysterious hoarseness could be related to acid

Lipogems: Next Gen Joint Repair

You can probably name ten people and at least one has had a knee replacement. The statistics are rising with approximately 27 million people suffering from some sort of joint pain and 7.2 million living

Natural Weight Loss: 5 Ways to Intermittent Fasting

Food seems to have become a real liability. You can’t eat gluten, dairy is no good, sugar is the devil,

Hug It Out: Science Says You Need 8 A Day

When you are physically touched, your body responds. However, it is what happens in your brain that is the most interesting

Drink Your Joe: Coffee Gets Good Grade

These days you could pretty much throw a rock in any direction and hit a coffee shop. It is usually delivered as a corporate coffee experience that seems to pop up every

Blue Light Poisons Retina, Causes Early Onset Macular Degeneration

It has been reported in the past how blue light can be dangerous to vision. Now, recent research warns that due to increased exposure you may be damaging your eyes without even knowing it. 

As your

3 Natural Antihistamines

When sniffles, scratchy throat and red, itchy eyes occur you know your allergies are kicking in. Sometimes this means perpetually suffering until local pollen and various

16 Days of Lemon Water for Weight Loss

It always feels great to lose a few pounds but the long list of crazy diets out there can sometimes be more discouraging than helpful. Drinking lemon water has shown to be

Find Your Way “Ohm” with Meditation Apps

People have different reactions to the word “meditation”. Some respond with curiosity and willingness while others can be tamped down by their ego. This inner voice often

5 Tips to Fall Back Asleep in the Middle of the Night

If you have ever experienced waking up from a deep sleep and not be able to get back into a slumber, you know how annoying it can be. Lying there, stuck, wide awake, with

Viagra Treats Macular Degeneration?

Originally developed to treat high blood pressure, the anti-impotence drug Viagra was discovered by accident.

Psychedelic Medicine – Hallucinogenic Healing

Just when you thought the world couldn’t feel more upside down, when it comes to recreational drugs there is some beneficial, yet whacky, science going on.


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