Digital Pills Are Coming

If you think your life has become super entwined with digital devices and actions you may want to think again. Now, it looks like you might be swallowing a digital pill in

7 Body Boosting Smoothies

Sometimes staying healthy can taste good too. If you like smoothies or were curious about starting to implement these blended concoctions into your daily menu, why not try

8 Super Weird Exotic “Superfoods” Are About To Be The Next Big Craze 

Superfoods have been gaining a lot of popularity in the health community the past few years.  They are nutrient dense foods that are a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals.  Today you are

Health Checklist for Women Over 40

Nobody enjoys visiting a doctor and doing dozens of different tests every year or even every six months. However, people who have regular checkups have greater chances of discovering a disease at an

Getting in Shape for Summer

Summer is a season away, but we all know that if you want that fit body for summer, you should have already started working on it. But if you’re just now breaking out the skirts and tops and figuring

Earthing Makes You Feel Better

If you have ever taken a walk through a natural setting you inevitably return home feeling much better than when you left. This is because you re-connected with the earth

Natural Fixes for Sciatica

Sharp, electrical jolt-like pain running down the back of your leg could be sciatica. This is when the sciatic nerve becomes affected by a variety of causes resulting in

14 Benefits of Using a Chiropractor

Getting a chiropractic adjustment has become a respected, drug-free remedy that millions of people use for pain relief everyday. It is also a therapy that can keep your body

Do You Have Sick Building Syndrome?

You might feel sick for no reason. This is a frustrating challenge especially when you try to remedy your symptoms through medical intervention which finds nothing wrong

3 Glaucoma Therapies: Exams, B3, Marijuana

When it comes to your vision, glaucoma is a serious threat. This disease damages the ganglion cells of the optic nerve impairing vital information that is attempting to communicate with the brain.

How Being Outdoors Makes You Healthier

It seems as if many people have completely forgotten about the importance of spending time outdoors and that is hardly surprising. With so much work, commuting, looking after the kids and performing

Grilled Meat Linked to High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

With Spring and Summer on the horizon, it’s that time of year to start firing up the grill, but before you do make sure to watch this special report from NBC News and Lester Holt.

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Something that is wonderful about today’s world is the number of choices we have at our disposal and the ease in which you can obtain whatever it is that you seek. The internet offers a plethora of

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