3 Natural Remedies to Fight The Flu

As flu season approaches, so much indoor activity and close contact spawns all sorts of influenza viruses waiting to make your life miserable. Before flu season shifts into full swing, there are several

15 Ways To Sleep Without Pain

As you age you may be taken by surprise how painful sleeping can become. Many people report being unable to find a comfortable sleep position and waking up extremely stiff, immobile and in pain. Heck,

Ketamine Depression Treatment

With the medicinal benefits of marijuana finally coming to light (even though ancient cultures told us long ago) other illegal street drugs have made it into the lab. There are a variety of studies

Beware of Macular Degeneration Hallucinations

When your vision is affected by macular degeneration, symptoms may first show up as some odd and even frightening hallucinations. The misdiagnosis of these hallucination can range from cognitive decline

5 Benefits of CBD Oil

Now that marijuana is all the rage, you may be seeing CBD (cannabidiol) oil supplements popping up everywhere. From your neighborhood health food store to just about any gas station, this oil can be

How to Keep Your Mental Health in the Fall Season

We face it every year. When August is almost over, we immediately feel like a strange anxiety starts to embrace us. We need to say goodbye to the long summer days when it seemed that the daylight was

5 Surprising Honey Fixes

Simpler times included simpler remedies with little to worry about when it came to side effects or inefficiency. These were remedies derived from nature’s medicine cabinet such as herbs, fungi, and

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