Cellular Inflammation Links to Macular Degeneration

Inflammation is a major cause of human disease. It isn’t your usual idea of inflammation either, when something is swollen, red and hot with a great sensitivity to touch. That kind of inflammation

Virtual Reality Assists Macular Degeneration Treatment

Each year a host of visual technology comes to market. These are either for entertainment, rehabilitation or both with the intent of making vision struggle a little less challenging. It is tools like

Clinical Trials Begin for Macular Degeneration Sight Restoration

Over the last several decades many research teams have been attempting to develop various remedies for macular degeneration. Currently in the pipeline is stem cell applications, 3-D printed retinas

3-D Printed Retina May Cure Macular Degeneration

The revolution of 3D printing continues to astound with a variety of applications once considered impossible. Currently, this technology includes body parts or bio-printed ears, bones and now retinas.


Macular Degeneration Vitamins

Millions of men and women from around the world need to take macular degeneration vitamins on a daily basis to aid in the reduction of vision loss due to age related macular degeneration. AMD is a progressive

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