Strengthen Your Sperm

Men, when you are ready to start a family the first thing you may consider is boosting your sperm count and motility (motion). Living in a toxic society at practically every turn it is no surprise

5 Female Libido Boosters

It seems that it’s the male libido which is mostly discussed regarding bedroom antics to erectile dysfunction. Rarely do we hear about the female libido. Females are wired differently when it comes

7 Super Foods to Fight Joint Pain

Your body takes some hard wear and tear over the years and by the time you head into your sixties you may be challenged by any number of mobility issues. One of the biggest complaints among the senior community is the inflammation of their joints. This inflammation can become very painful. Simply walking from one room to the next becomes difficult.

Conventional medicine will often prescribe a synthetic anti-inflammatory medicine or in some cases even a muscle relaxant if there is cramping due to inflammation. However, there are ways of naturally reducing joint inflammation for seniors that can work with the body’s ability to heal rather than manipulate it into temporary relief. Also, by implementing some minor lifestyle changes and adding natural supplements into your routine there is a chance at maintaining less inflammation and more comfortable mobility.

From Weight Loss to Diabetes: 5 Reasons to Eat Grapefruit

It can be yellow or pink but this juicy, bitter-sour-sweet fruit seems to be taken for granted. It is used to garnish breakfast plates and cut the spike of vodka but the grapefruit reins as one of the best kept secrets of citrus foods.

It received minimal attention until some discovered it’s unique weight loss benefits.

Once the diet industry got hold of grapefruit it seemed to peak and then slip back into obscurity making people turn their noses up even more at this innocent orb.

Well, science has brought to light some hidden, incredible advantages of this citrus treat so it may be time for you to re-acquaint yourself with 5 reasons to eat grapefruit.

Note: Some medications have a negative effect when combined with grapefruit. Always check with your doctor before adding grapefruit to your diet.

Artificial Turf May Be Linked To Cancer

School athletic fields as well as professional sports stadiums across the United States have been using artificial turf since the mid-1960’s. First called Chemgrass, artificial turf quickly became known as AstroTurf after debuting at the Houston Astrodome in 1966.

In 2000 this synthetic grass design was changed to include styrene butadiene rubber. This would prove to safely absorb falls just like natural grass does. The rubber, also known by athletes as “crumb rubber”, “turf bugs” or “black dots”, is derived from recycled car tires.

According to the Synthetic Turf Council, 11,000 American sports fields are covered in styrene butadiene rubber fields. It is also used in children’s playgrounds.

Now some serious questions are being asked about this plastic, rubber mix. Overall, some feel that artificial turf may be responsible for various cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.

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