The Many Benefits of Chiropractic Massage Therapy for Aging Adults

Let’s face it; we aren’t getting any younger. Anything that can improve quality of life and put more life in your years is something everyone can be onboard about!

Regular chiropractic care is one

Facial Structure: How We Process A New Face

Your face is your calling card. It is the first responder to everything and anything that comes within your direct path. Now, science has shown that the mere structure of your face may actually determine

Ketamine Depression Treatment

With the medicinal benefits of marijuana finally coming to light (even though ancient cultures told us long ago) other illegal street drugs have made it into the lab. There are a variety of studies

5 Benefits of CBD Oil

Now that marijuana is all the rage, you may be seeing CBD (cannabidiol) oil supplements popping up everywhere. From your neighborhood health food store to just about any gas station, this oil can be

How to Keep Your Mental Health in the Fall Season

We face it every year. When August is almost over, we immediately feel like a strange anxiety starts to embrace us. We need to say goodbye to the long summer days when it seemed that the daylight was

6 Reasons to Stop Trying to Be Happy

It seems that the search for happiness has gotten out of hand. Back in the day, getting a good

Lipogems: Next Gen Joint Repair

You can probably name ten people and at least one has had a knee replacement. The statistics are rising with approximately 27 million people suffering from some sort of joint pain and 7.2 million living

Hug It Out: Science Says You Need 8 A Day

When you are physically touched, your body responds. However, it is what happens in your brain that is the most interesting

Find Your Way “Ohm” with Meditation Apps

People have different reactions to the word “meditation”. Some respond with curiosity and willingness while others can be tamped down by their ego. This inner voice often

Psychedelic Medicine – Hallucinogenic Healing

Just when you thought the world couldn’t feel more upside down, when it comes to recreational drugs there is some beneficial, yet whacky, science going on.


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