Prevent Hearing Loss Naturally

You don’t have to succumb to the ravages of aging when it comes to healthy hearing. There are some things you could be doing right now that can enable you to decipher sounds well into senior years.

How Yoga Can Help With Stress and Anxiety

From an evolutionary perspective, stress is an essential part of life. Thousands of years ago our ancient ancestors relied on stress to stay alive, taking advantage of the various physiological changes

6 Benefits of Massage for Alzheimer’s Patients

In our fast paced, digitally enhanced society interpersonal communication has suffered. No longer are people seeking face-to-face connection and, as a result, are rarely getting a chance to touch one

3 Effective Natural Winter Flu Fighters

If winter causes your local weather to drop a few or many degrees you know that, for a lot of people, illness is not far behind. When the body’s temperature drops so does its defense system, add that

5 Benefits of Cryotherapy

Sure, icing your knee or elbow is one thing but immersing yourself in sub zero temperatures to reduce pain probably sounds like crazed desperation. Yet, some studies continue to indicate that this may

Secrets of Activated Charcoal

When you think of charcoal, images of fired up barbecues for summer grilling may come to mind. However, there is another charcoal that has shown some significant health benefits since ancient times,

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