Telemedicine for Macular Degeneration

It’s getting to the point that there’s no need to leave your home for mundane chores anymore. From buying groceries to finding the right book, all you have to do is open

Progress of Macular Degeneration Antioxidant Supplementation

It has been known for years amongst eye professionals and laypeople alike that certain vitamin

UV Blocking, Vitamin-Infused Contact Lenses May Prevent AMD

Regardless of an incurable diagnosis, research to combat age-relate macular degeneration (AMD) continues. This disease persists in robbing millions per year of their sight and livelihood with many medical

Fruit Fly Clues Help Fight Macular Degeneration

The genetic makeup of the humble fruit fly surprisingly holds one of the closest relationships to the human genome. Upwards of 75% of genes that cause disease in humans can be found in this freckle

Moderate Exercise May Prevent AMD, Glaucoma and Cataract Development

You know that eating the right diet and maintaining a good exercise program is essential to optimal health. These two things alone offer many opportunities for vital functions to keep running on all

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