Top 8 Best Natural Appetite Suppressants Backed by Science

Top 8 Best Natural Appetite Suppressants Backed by Science

Do you keep on feeling unbearably hungry now and then? If yes, then you might have come across an appetite suppressant. Well, there are many similar hunger control products in today’s market and all work in varying ways. For instance, some will do a fantastic job in removing that constant urge to grab a bite while others will simply increase the number of calories to be burnt.

Now, in this detailed guide, we will focus our attention on some natural herbs and products with the history and potential of suppressing your appetite. These are the top 8 best appetite suppressant options you need to get your hands on. Take a look!

1.    Fenugreek

While it might sound like a foreign or strange name, Fenugreek is ‘related’ to beans and other legumes. It contains both insoluble and soluble fibers and its seeds are grounded and dried for later use. Much of these fibers are from a soluble water fiber known as Galactomannan. Thanks to it, the body can perform better in the following functions:

  • Regulation of body sugars
  • Effective control of one’s appetite
  • Reduction of cholesterol.

So, how does this impressive appetite suppressant work? It simply delays the emptying of the contents in your stomach and slows down the absorption rate of fats as well as carbohydrates. This eventually leads to appetite reduction and improved control of your body’s blood sugars.

Studies even go on to show that Fenugreek does a fantastic job of reducing the consumption of fats into our bodies. Here, when 12 people taking fenugreek were tested, the results were pretty impressive. Shockingly, this appetite suppressant lowered their normal fat intake by almost 18%. What’s more, their intake of calories decreased to just 12%.

When it comes to the Dosage, we feel it’s always good to start with at least 2 grams of a whole seed then gradually increase your intake to around 5 grams. However, if you prefer the capsule, take in 0.5 grams then move on to 1 gram but what out for side effects.

2.     Glucomannan

Another efficient method of losing weight is increasing the intake of body fibers. To help you do so, tells us that glucomannan is currently one of the best appetite suppressant options for such healthy weight loss. Yes, it does a fantastic job of reducing your appetite as well as the consumption of food.

It can absorb water, turning it into a dense, indigestible gel. Glucomannan also has a bulking agent which delays the stomach emptying process. This is shown in a study where 83 obese people recorded a significant loss of weight after consuming only 3 grams of this appetite suppressant.

How does it work? Well, among many things, glucomannan helps the body in carrying out a few crucial processes. They include:

  • Decreasing the absorption of proteins and fats
  • Controlling your blood sugar
  • Reducing cholesterol in the body.

Take 1 gram of glucomannan thrice in a day and before meals. In fact, we recommend that you take it at least 1 hour before you have your next bite. Lastly, although it’s generally a safe and reliable product, remember to drink one or 2 glasses of a healthy fluid as you take it. This prevents you from chocking as it may expand on its way down.

3.     5-HTP-Griffonia Simplicifolia

One of the most trusted sources of 5-HTP is a plant called the ‘Griffonia Simplicifolia’. Once this compound gets to the brain, it’s converted to serotonin. Huge amounts of 5-HTP will, therefore, increase the levels of serotonin and effectively suppress your appetite.

This compound also decreases the rate of starch intake lowering any food craving you may have. Here, once 20 obese women took 5-HTP for around 4 weeks they recorded a huge boost in their satiety levels as well as a significant change in their arm and waist measurements.

Another study was set up to investigate the changes in appetite and the results were mind-blowing. In this test, which involved more than 27 overweight but healthy women, there was a remarkable loss in appetite, weight, and an increase in satiety levels. Interestingly, this was just 8-weeks after taking a formula of 5-HTP.

Now, how about the dosage? We prefer taking in the 5-HTP compound instead of consuming the entire Griffonia Simplicifolia. After all, it’s the compound you need from the herb. You can take doses of at least 300 mg daily or divided doses of 500 mg together with meals.

4.     Gymnema Sylvestre

Here is a drug that’s popular for the critical role it plays in the fight against diabetes. Other than that, research shows that it’s also an effective weight loss agent. It comes with active compounds called gymnemic acids which basically make the food taste bitter. By eliminating the sugary taste in your mouth it’s able to counter those somewhat annoying sugar cravings.

Simple research on the effects of this appetite suppressant on fasting people was done and it recorded lower appetites and small intakes of food in individuals who consumed it. Gymnemic acids also help in:

  • Preventing the absorption of blood sugar
  • Avoiding storage of starch as fat
  • Hindering digestion and increasing secretion of fat

Another reason which makes Gymnema Sylvestre one of the best appetite suppressant agents is the fact that you can take it in three forms. You can ingest it either as a capsule or in its powder form. In this case, take 100 mg of the capsule 4 times a day and to 2-4 grams in powder form.

Now, are you one of those avid lovers of tea or coffee? Well, you could also add it to your favorite morning or evening beverage. For it to be ready, you’ll need to boil its leaves for at least 5 minutes then let it steep for another15 minutes.

5.     Extracts of Green Tea

We all know the brilliant health benefits that come with consuming green tea. However, now, researchers have found it to be a rather efficient weight loss agent. This is because it has two compounds: catechins and caffeine, which will make sure you, shed some of that excess weight without even having to exercise.

Caffeine will stimulate the constant burning of fats as it suppresses any increase in appetite. On the other hand, catechins break-down fats and increase your metabolism rate. A combination of these two compounds makes the body more effective in the burning of calories for faster weight loss.

To affirm the appetite suppressant properties of green tea extracts, a study was conducted involving 10 healthy individuals. After they consumed a blend of these two compounds, results showed almost a 4% growth in the number of burnt calories. Lastly, remember to take in low doses of green tea extract of at least 800mg EGCG as higher amounts may cause nausea.

6.     Ginger

Ginger is one of the highly recommended natural herbs of today. People across the decades have used it to fulfill many health purposes. It comes with an active agent known as gingerol which regulates the leptin hormone, eventually freeing you from the ‘captivity’ of hunger. Ginger also improves digestion which together with its fantastic ability to fight hunger makes it one of the best weight loss agents.

You can take it by adding it to your favorite food recipes or make some tasty ginger tea. You could even consider taking some supplements of ginger too!

7.     Some Grapefruit Oil

Over the past decade or so, grapefruit has been used in various weight reduction strategies. Such is because, among many other fantastic reasons, it helps the body in:

  • Lowering the appetite levels
  • Getting rid of cravings
  • Production of energy
  • Contains essential oils together with antioxidants that boost your immunity.

It also has a unique which comes with positive effects too. Good examples include helping you to control your growing cravings and improving the rate of fat metabolism. What’s more, research shows that just it sent triggers weight loss. There’s, therefore, no arguing why grapefruit is an efficient and healthy appetite suppressant.

Grapefruit oil or grapefruit also assists in the digestion of both fats and sugars. This enables better control of the levels of blood sugar in the body meaning that you won’t require a cup of coffee, tea or any other sugary drink to get you ‘up and running.’

When it comes to the dosage it’s quite interesting to note that you only need to smell some grapefruit oil for 15 minutes, at least 3 times weekly. You could even add some drops of the oil to a suitable carrier substance then apply it on your skin. This will give you a rich sent which ‘sticks’ throughout the day.

8.     Spicy Foods

These types of food increase the rate at which fat is burned in the body. Some of the trusted compounds you should try out include turmeric, cayenne, and black pepper among others. These spices are particularly helpful in performing the following crucial functions:

  • Stabilizing your glucose levels
  • Preventing cravings for tasty treats
  • Minimizing the growing aging process.

You can add these spices to your food recipes with no risk of adding any calories. Instead, other than just controlling your cravings, they bring a host of amazing health benefits too. For instance, cayenne pepper promotes better burning of fats and improved metabolism.


Getting a grip on your ‘wild’ cravings is something that many of us are constantly trying to do. While some succeed with hardly any help, others prefer getting a trusted appetite suppressant. Among many reasons, they give the body an addition of energy and better control of the hunger hormones. Remember to eat foods rich fiber, spices, lean protein and of course, take plenty of water.