4 Ways to Naturally Look and Feel Younger

Anti-aging is a loaded term.

It seems to get slapped on every cream, oil, pill, herb and so much more yet most do not know what it really means.

If you ask someone to describe the term they will often cite a skin serum or just released secret ingredient lotion.

Everyone knows you can’t hold off the inevitable but so many seem to still expect miracles from any product that promises less wrinkles, less bags, or less spots while still living a toxic life.

The real deal when it comes to anti-aging is more of a broader spectrum than wrinkle creams or tightening masks.

When the big picture is laid out anti-aging is about lifestyle change.

This is a term that you may easily wince at as it entails work and who wants to work when slapping on the most expensive coffee-infused-kangaroo-saliva-brewed-flower-essence-ointment promises to do the trick?

Well, that’s exactly what most of them are, a trick. It’s been going on for centuries and no new technology can replace lifestyle changes for anti-aging results.

Get Back into Carbs With These Whole Grains

Carbohydrates have been unfairly vilified over the last twenty years. Every fad diet from Atkins to South Beach to Paleo places glucose squarely in the middle of its cross-hairs. This aversion to starch isn’t altogether unfounded. Thanks to GMO wheat farms and the mass production of bleached grain, the vast majority of carbohydrates in the American diet are the bad kind of carbohydrates. The white flour products that line the halls of your nearest grocery store pack all the glycemic index busting punch without any of the off-setting benefits of whole grains. In other words, Atkins works because it eliminates these empty calories, not because all carbohydrates are evil.

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