4 Ways to Naturally Look and Feel Younger

4 Ways to Naturally Look and Feel Younger

Anti-aging is a loaded term.

It seems to get slapped on every cream, oil, pill, herb and so much more yet most do not know what it really means.

If you ask someone to describe the term they will often cite a skin serum or just released secret ingredient lotion.

Everyone knows you can’t hold off the inevitable but so many seem to still expect miracles from any product that promises less wrinkles, less bags, or less spots while still living a toxic life.

The real deal when it comes to anti-aging is more of a broader spectrum than wrinkle creams or tightening masks.

When the big picture is laid out anti-aging is about lifestyle change.

This is a term that you may easily wince at as it entails work and who wants to work when slapping on the most expensive coffee-infused-kangaroo-saliva-brewed-flower-essence-ointment promises to do the trick?

Well, that’s exactly what most of them are, a trick. It’s been going on for centuries and no new technology can replace lifestyle changes for anti-aging results.

Your Brain Pan

If your electrical system isn’t firing on all cylinders the results just may suck the life out of you.

Continually challenging your brain can keep it in top shape acting as one of the most important anti-aging practices.

According to Roizen and Oz who studied how stimulating the brain could enhance quality of life which in turn acts as an anti-aging mechanism, “…autopsy analysis found that while a particular brain may have exhibited signs of the disease [Alzheimer’s], the effects weren’t obvious in the women who had challenged their brains and had other interests outside their work.”

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, keeping the brain active with passionate hobbies, physical fitness and/or creativity has the potential for you to receive comments like, “You seem so much younger than you really are.”


Food for Thought

Yes you love your quart of ice cream or your bacon on anything but more and more studies are linking dietary choices to rapid aging.

According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), “Scientists are discovering that what you eat, how frequently, and how much may have an effect on quality and years of life.”

One approach to dietary change is calorie restriction. This is adhering to a diet that offers all essential nutrients while cutting out up to 40% of calories that would otherwise be consumed according to USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) recommendations.

The NIA continues, “Research in some animals has shown calorie restriction of up to 40 percent fewer calories than normal to have an impressive positive effect on disease, markers of aging, and, perhaps, life span.” Stick to fresh, live produce, copious amounts of clean, filtered water, limit your animal product intake and avoid sugar and processed foods at all costs to encourage your body to self-heal and self-rejuvenate.

Shut It Down

Continually running your human engine at high speeds with minimal sleep has been proven to create a long list of potential age enhancing results.

Roizen and Oz also studied the effects of sleep on our health and found that if you sleep less than six hours per night you could be at risk for a heart attack or stroke.

In addition, the mind could become sluggish, confused and rapidly deteriorate. Eight hours of sleep has the potential to stave off aesthetic signs of aging such as reducing wrinkles and keeping the eyes clear.

Sleep improves mood which could be a major factor regarding your outlook on life creating a more peaceful and less angry demeanor which always comes off as a young, vibrant approach.

Fight the Rays

Doris Day, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center comments that, “Ninety-five percent of wrinkles are due to sun exposure,” That’s a high percentage with a simple fix.

Many skin products now include a safe, daily SPF which is an imperative force-field against UV rays.

Talk to your dermatologist about the best choice for you as well as possibly adding a product with the ingredient retinol which is a form of vitamin A that has been proven to reduce signs of aging while enhancing skin health.

These lifestyle changes for anti-aging results are a great stepping stone for going forward on a healthy, youthful path.


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