Earthing Makes You Feel Better

If you have ever taken a walk through a natural setting you inevitably return home feeling much better than when you left. This is because you re-connected with the earth

Inflammation May Cause Depression

As your body reacts to the slings and arrows of everyday life, various inflammatory markers may ensue. This inflammation

8 Surefire Ways to Reduce Cellular Inflammation

Continued research shows how a multitude of health challenges are often due to the highly inflammatory environment your body could be struggling with.

When you hear the word inflammation you probably

7 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Fixes

All of a sudden your hand goes numb. You shake it out and the numbness goes away, however, over time, symptoms return and begin waking you up at night. Wrist, hand and finger tingling/pain are some

#1 WORST Food For Your Eyes & Vision

Exposing the Hidden Danger to Your Eyes

Do you know the #1 WORST food for your eyes and vision?

eyes examinationRead all of this page and you’ll discover what

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