Still Throwing Away The Egg Yolk? Here’s Why You MUST Reconsider

Still Throwing Away The Egg Yolk? Here’s Why You MUST Reconsider

If you’ve been doing your reading on the best foods to eat for fat loss, you know that protein rich foods are a must. Protein is going to help combat hunger, preserve lean muscle mass, boost your metabolism, and help you recover faster from your workout sessions.

Clearly all great things.

When it comes to your morning meal, you may have been told that egg whites are the way to go.

Yolks are high in fat, cholesterol, and calories and for these reasons many of us believe that the yolk should be discarded. If this is your belief, it is time to reconsider.

The yolk may be the most important part of the egg, despite the higher protein content found in the whites.

Let me explain.

A Closer Look At The Nutrient Picture

First, let’s talk about nutrition. Sure, losing fat is great, but you need to be mindful of overall health and nutrition. If you’re thin and lean, but unhealthy and sick, what you eat is a moot point.

When it comes to nutrition, virtually all the benefit of an egg is found in the yolk. The egg yolk is going to contain more than 90% of the total nutrients found in the egg including calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, and pantothenic acid.

While your body does rely on proteins, carbs, and fats for fuel, it’s these micronutrients that help your body operate properly.

Deficiencies in these micronutrients can lead to deterioration of overall health.

The Protein Is More Complete

The protein found in the egg white isn’t as bio-available, meaning readily digestible for your body, as the protein found in the whole egg.

By adding the egg yolk with the white, you get more total protein available to your muscle cells to use for recovery.

Simply meeting your protein requirements isn’t enough. You need to meet your protein requirements with high quality protein. The whole egg allows you to do this.

The Fats Actually Burn Fat

Now, I know what you’re likely still thinking – “what about all the fat?!?”

Remember that you are looking at your diet as a whole here. Not food by food. Sure, that egg may have a high level of dietary fat, but when coupled with lower fat foods you can stay in line with the total daily recommended intake.

It is important you choose the best kind of eggs –which are organic free range eggs. You’ll be taking in a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which are the best fat burning fat you can consume.

Omega-3 fats actually crank up your fat burning engine all while improving your lean body composition. They’re also top-notch for health and will help combat cancer and diabetes and fight off depression.

Furthermore, the fat found in the egg is going to help provide far greater satiety after you eat it, meaning you will take in fewer calories overall throughout the course of the day, making weight loss easier.

You need some fat in your diet otherwise you’ll be eating uncontrollably every chance you get. Fat makes a meal ‘stick to your ribs’ as the saying goes, so don’t aim to eat fat-free dishes, which is precisely what that egg white option would be.

A Word On Cholesterol

Finally, I know some of you are still going to be wondering about the cholesterol. You’ve heard that eggs are just not part of a heart-smart diet.

Wrong. This is actually false information because the type of cholesterol found in eggs can help your body regulate its own cholesterol production, giving you better overall balance.

So next time you’re getting ready to prepare your morning meal, give the full egg a chance. Just like peanut butter and jelly, the egg white and yolk belong together.