Macular Degeneration Clinical Trial Update

Macular Degeneration Clinical Trial Update

It is continually reported that the fight to cure macular degeneration proceeds at an unprecedented rate. The amount of clinical trials to research the wide range of causes this blinding disease may manifest from, is staggering.

From the retina to the brain, scientists are especially honing in on age-related macular degeneration (AMD). This is because of the elongated time period it takes to accumulate into a serious condition. This way, even for now if a cure is not discovered, early treatment can be applied to slow it down. This is one of the main focal points of the enormous amount of AMD clinical trials underway. Although these trials are primarily focused on pharmaceutical attempts at slowing macular degeneration, there are many other small studies showing the benefits of plant-based healing applications including saffron, dark green leafy vegetables and even cannabis.

Longevity Technology has compiled a list of what they coin as the ‘Diamond Dozen’, “12 companies who progressed their therapeutics in longevity clinical trials and contributed to 2021’s drive in age-related research.”

Here are some of the companies on the list that are concentrating on AMD and related anti-aging therapy. Learn about what they are doing to gain the most traction in the fight against ocular disease with progress in combating the rapid sight degeneration as a result of macular degeneration.

Unity Biotechnology 

Located in San Francisco, CA, United Biotechnology is dedicated to researching, and one day eradicating, macular degeneration. Working in the field of what is called, senotherapeutics, UB has been in phase one of a therapy titled right out of a sci-fi movie called UBX1325. This letter/number label is described as a constructed molecule capable of targeting senescent (aka age deteriorating) cells. It was reported that this therapy,

“…showed structural improvements in the central subfield thickness, and sub- and intra-retinal fluid leading to an improvement in overall vision.”

Senotherepeutics is the research of therapeutic agents that target compromised cells associated with aging and age-related diseases. This is particularly being addressed for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic macular edema (DME). If cells that contribute to aging can be gently wrangled and slowed down, maybe ocular diseases, such as AMD, will not have a chance to develop.

Stealth BioTherapeutics

In the Northeast, Stealth BioTherapeutics hails out of Needham, MA. Now in phase two, this clinical trial works with the Stealth BioTherepeutics ReCLAIM-2 therapeutic. A unique approach that targets mitochondria (an organelle – specified structure within a living cell – found in large numbers in most cells, in which the biochemical processes of respiration and energy production occur) a major player in aging. Completed phase two results reported,

“The data showed improvements from baseline in LLVA [low luminesce visual acuity] and BCVA [best-corrected visual acuity] for patients with GA [geographic atrophy ] and drusen [plaque associated with AMD] who completed the trial.”

Stealth BioTherapeutics CEO Reenie McCarthy commented in Clinical Trials Arena stating,

“We believe that mitochondria-targeted therapeutics offer a differentiated approach to treat diseases of aging, such as dry AMD, which significantly affects the independence of over a million elderly patients.” He continued, “By targeting the bioenergetic deficits that drive pathology in this disease, we hope to improve visual function for affected patients.”

This trial is now heading into the final phase three stage with ReCLAIM-2 study data being gathered to inform a proper trial design. Getting as far as phase three is a significantly good sign and may be an indication of this new therapeutic hitting the mainstream soon. 

Gensight Biologics

This is another company that is focusing on mitochondrial work. Studying out of Paris and New York, Gensight Biologics is recognized in the ‘Diamond Dozen’ for achievement in beneficial results for combating Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON) and retinitis pigmentosa (RP). 

Through a slowing of the age process by mitochondrial manipulation of what is known as encoding the human wild-type ND4 protein, Gensight Biologics applied the drug candidate LUMEVOQ (GS010). Researchers with this project will now add Gensight Biologic therapeutics for geographic atrophy in dry-AMD to the list of possible real-time therapy.

Now in phase three, Gensight Biologics shows good promise in gently tweaking an aging malfunction that can lead to AMD. This kind of research takes painstaking focus as going into the deep layers of nano-science means one false move and an entire cellular coding system can set off a chain of events that could be catastrophic. 

These three clinical trials recognized by Longevity Technology is no small feat. The amount of clinical trials for macular degeneration alone is exponential. It is a two edged sword that incorporates altruism (everyone knows someone struggling with this blinding disease and wishes to help) as well as wanting to be successful in the free market of pharmacological fixes. 

Conventional medicine can certainly have a highly beneficial effect but do not forget the holistic road as well. This means staying vigilant of dietary choices, vitamin supplements, and botanical medicines that can help prevent macular degeneration as well as support healthy vision. With a combined approach of traditional and conventional applications, it is like throwing everything we’ve got at this overwhelming disease. Eventually something is bound to stick and the days of debilitating ocular compromise, which often ends in blindness, will be no more.