5 Good News Facts About Coronavirus

5 Good News Facts About Coronavirus

It may seem hard not to panic during this global pandemic (that term alone sounds daunting) but there is actually some good news to hold on to. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) marches across the globe and the news cycle predicts fear, panic, anxiety and more, it is best to stay calm and smart. 

Finding the bright side may seem difficult but before you scream into your pillow take a look at these 5 good news facts about coronavirus. Don’t succumb to the constant chatter about the end of days, a pending apocalypse, or the tribal breakdown of society over toilet paper and hand sanitizer and know that we will all get through this in due time.

China Calms

The world has watched China quickly respond to this disease where it originated in the Wuhan province back in December. Strong control and isolation seems to have slowed the virus considerably which is why so many other countries have taken the same lead. Confirmed coronavirus cases in China have gone from hundreds daily to about ten per day. Within about one month (January to February) COVID-19 spiked and has been on the decline ever since. To date, it is estimated that 96% of patients have recovered from the virus and have been discharged.

We Are Not In the Dark

When first detected, unlike diseases such as AIDS, researchers know exactly what this virus is. This is a great advantage in combating its progression taking years off head scratching tests just to determine the mechanism of how it works. It took upwards of two years just to identify HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) but within ten days of the first case in China, the COVID-19 genome was detected and isolated. Now, testing is flourishing making it easier to determine and treat cases and reducing a strain on the medical infrastructure. More good news is that although viruses stay alive by mutating, this virus is believed to have a low mutation rate.

It’s Really Mild

Yes, COVID-19 is a dangerous virus for the elderly, health compromised, and unhealthy young but overall most recover. Symptoms for the majority of cases are mild, rendering those who recuperate challenged with no symptoms at all to feeling as if they have an annoying cold (81% of cases). It is imperative however to adhere to the hand washing and distance protocols to ensure that those susceptible stay out of harms way. 14% can contract pneumonia and about 5% can become critical. 

We Can Kill It

COVID-19 is not airborne (only in droplets from sneezing or coughing which travels about 10 feet). Masks may protect you from cases of those emitting droplets around you but for the most part this virus only lives on surfaces. Once these surfaces are wiped clean with a disinfectant or soap and water, it can be killed. The virus stays longer on metal surfaces as opposed to clothing or cardboard so it is important to remain vigilant on wiping areas clean or avoiding them altogether. Wearing gloves could help but most don’t realize the strict protocol of removing gloves which could create exposure if done incorrectly. It is best to keep your hands and surfaces clean and not to touch your face which is the major delivery point (eyes, ears, nose and mouth) for the virus to enter your system. 

Science Bans Together

When the first genome was detected in China it wasn’t long before it was shared with world researchers. This is paramount to finding a vaccine and anti-viral especially coming from a communist country. Hundreds of articles, research papers and other data has been available on COVID-19 in such a short time and if anyone knows one thing it is ‘knowledge is power’. Vaccine trials have already started. 

As reported by the news outlet RTE, 

“The vaccine group of the University of Queensland, in Australia, has announced it is already working on a prototype using the technique called “molecular clamp”, a novel technology. This is just one example that could allow vaccine production in record time.” Prototypes are already being tested on humans.

There is also anti-viral testing (over 80 and rising) which gives great hope that we just may come out the other side of this sooner than later. 

It is very difficult at this time to struggle through the financial upheaval the virus has put many of us in but it is important to see the big picture. Many companies and organizations understand the hardships including the federal government which are all working diligently to minimize the fiscal blow. All we can do is cling to the fact that if everyone does their part we could get back to normal much faster than expected. Hopefully these 5 good news facts about coronavirus will give you hope. Pass these along and don’t get sucked up into the negative by watching too much news or believing every social media post you read. Stay safe, vigilant, factually informed and in communication with those around you offering support in any way possible. We will prevail.