Everything You Need to Know About CBD & Skin Care

Everything You Need to Know About CBD & Skin Care

For the past few years, Cannabidiol or CBD has been trending for all the right reasons. The same reasons have seen the legalization of the compound in various countries, including the United States. Currently, the skincare industry is embracing the benefits of Cannabidiol. That is why there are so many CBD skincare products in the market today.

CBD for skincare statistics

According to research, The CBD skincare market is proliferating. In 2018 alone, the market had a value of approximately $710 million. There are expectations that the same market is going to catapult above $900 million by the year 2022. That is possible given that CBD based skincare products are currently trending. Also, according to statistics, most people who are using skincare products with CBD are mostly from Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific. The Middle East and Africa only account for a small number of market share in the world. In 2018, CBD based skincare accounted for 40.9% of the total market share compared to other beauty products. CBD based masks and serums followed.

The relationship between CBD and the skin

After years of research and intense study on the advantages of CBD to the skin, medical practitioners came to a valid conclusion. They stated that CBD could help treat various skin conditions. It can also enhance the beauty of the skin, and that is why most recent skincare products contain CBD. It is also the reason why most people visit weedsmart to shop for their desired strain of CBD. Big companies are taking advantage of the situation by coming up with CBD based lotions, glycerin as well as CBD oils for topical applications, among other products. That leaves everyone who is yet to use the product wondering, does CBD based beauty products work? And the answer is yes, they do.

Benefits of CBD to the skin

For you to know why Cannabidiol is trending in the beauty product industry, you need to understand how it works. You should, however, know that CBD contains various compounds and elements which give it its multiple capabilities. Among the compounds you can find in CBD include amino acids like Omega-6 and omega-3 and magnesium. It also contains antioxidants like Vitamin E, which play a huge role as you are going to see below. Once it enters the system, CBD mostly functions in the Endocannabinoid systems as well as various brain cells. It also interacts with skin cells, which gives it the capability to facilitate the functions below to your skin. Here are some of the primary importance of CBD to the skin.

CBD can minimize signs of aging on the skin

No one likes their skins screaming out their age. Thankfully, CBD is one of the few compounds that can reduce signs of aging. The compound acts as an antioxidant that can work on the skin, thus reducing aging signs like wrinkles and dull skin. You also get to enjoy the advantage without worrying about adverse side effects, as in the case of other products with the same capability. What happens is that CBD tends to rejuvenate the skin cells, increasing its functionality thanks to its antioxidants. They thus work effectively, increasing the availability of collagen as well as other useful hormones. With time you find the fine lines disappearing as well as the skin wrinkles. The fact that CBD can prevent signs of aging is the reason why most people in Asia, America, and Europe are utilizing the product.

CBD prevents skin dehydration

Dry skin is a problem that can make many unfavorable skin conditions persist, including eczema. To avoid having dry skin, make sure you pick your most preferred CBD product. The availability of fatty acids in CBD triggers collagen production in the body. Once that happens, your body stops losing excess water through the skin, and so your skin remains moisturized. Moisturized skin tends to maintain its beauty and vibrancy throughout.

CBD can treat acne

Another great use of CBD to the skin is the fact that it can cure acne. Acne is a skin condition that results whenever there is clogging of oils in the skin pores leading to skin inflammation. CBD can prevent the accumulation of these oils in the skin. Once it does that, there will be no inflammation, and so your acne can end up reducing with time. That is one of the few uses that makes so many people apply CBD based beauty products.

CBD can help reduce Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition where the skin cells multiply rapidly, leading to the formation of abnormal patches on the skin. An individual with the disease also ends up experiencing intense pain. Among the many benefits of CBD skincare is that it can minimize cell multiplication. The compound can also alleviate the pain and give you relief. That is because it works with the endocannabinoid system to prevent the relay of pain to the brain. Your brain receptors will thus not pick up the pain you are experiencing.

CBD can alleviate eczema

Eczema is a stressful skin condition that requires you to scratch your skin constantly due to itching. It thus leads to cracked or inflamed skin. CBD can help treat eczema thanks to its ability to prevent dry skin and its anti-inflammatory properties. Without those two main factors in place, your skin can quickly rejuvenate and treat the condition. That is why people suffering from eczema are opting for CBD based beauty products. Despite there being other ways to treat the condition, CBD proves to be worth it since you also get to benefit from other advantages.

After beauty product industries came to know how vital CBD is to the skin, they started coming up with skincare products that contain CBD oils. That enables people interested in benefiting from the compound to apply the products topically. There is now a wide range of CBD skincare products in the market. You should also know that facial products cover a significant portion when it comes to categories.

CBD can protect the skin from UV rays

Among the main problems that most people face is the destruction of their skins due to exposure to the UV rays. That has seen so many people end up having sunburns and other adverse impacts that meddles with their radiant skin. Skincare industries are currently including CBD in their sunscreens. That is because the compound can protect the skin from the harsh effects of UV rays. These include reddening of the skin, itching, and dehydration of the skin. It also causes peeling of the skin.

The application of CBD on your skin tends to lead to the formation of a thin yet active layer. The layer has adequate SPF to block the penetration of UVB rays. You can thus walk under the sun without the fear of destroying your skin. The good news about using CBD infused sunscreens is that they allow the penetration of vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones. That is why there are many after-sun protections sunscreens with CBD as well as other general sunscreens with CBD oils.

Reasons why CBD is gaining traction in the skincare industry

CBD for skincare is currently a hot topic around the globe. The main reason why so many people are turning to CBD based skincare products is the fact that they work effectively. The other key reason is that CBD seems to be the only can remedy for aging. What CBD does is that it infiltrates the skin pores as soon as it is applied. It then goes ahead to work with various cells to ensure that you get the desired results within a short time.

Compared to other beauty products, CBD oils don’t have chemicals that can end up causing adverse effects. The product is natural, and the only technology required is to help in the extraction of the oils. The extracted oil is then mixed with beauty products like body lotions to produce excellent results. Its effectiveness, coupled with the fact that it doesn’t have any side effects, is the reason why the CBD skincare products are gaining traction.

The information above contains everything you need to know about CBD products for skincare. This includes its prevalence in the market and some of the reasons why it is trending in continents like Asia, Europe especially in the UK as well as America. Most people who are applying CBD based products do so to benefit from its anti-aging capabilities. They also do it to keep their skin moist and hydrated, with the other reasons having minor influences. Major brands that manufacture beauty products are currently using the benefits of CBD to increase their sales and make their brands popular. By the Year 2024, CBD for skincare will be one of the most widely used beauty products on the planet. That is because including CBD skincare products in your regimen work perfectly.