12 to 24 Hour by Hour Intermittent Fasting Guide

12 to 24 Hour by Hour Intermittent Fasting Guide

There are so many people out there just trying to combine a hard day’s work with a healthy lifestyle but the majority just cannot get a foothold on their weight, cholesterol, high blood pressure and even joint pain, to name a few. Conventional drugs are always an option but we all know the danger as many require a lifelong commitment that could render various side effects while profiting Big Pharma at the same time.

To immediately feel better and keep feeling better, the buzz is all about intermittent fasting. However, don’t confuse this with another diet fad or weight loss cult craze because it is a way of eating that some believe the human body was designed for. This 12 to 24 hour by hour intermittent fasting guide shows exactly how your body will respond when you decide to stop eating for each allotted time. 

It is important to note to always check with your physician or holistic doctor to make sure no underlying conditions may interfere with an intermittent fasting protocol.

Insulin Control 

Intermittent fasting works around the release of insulin. Once the body goes into this function, sugar begins to be stored for energy. However, if food or beverages are withheld, at about 12 hours the body begins utilizing other functions such as cell repair (called autophagy), fat burning, and immune system support.

Committing to a chosen time window to cease eating any food whatsoever (this includes even a stick of gum) should begin at a twelve hour stretch. 

For example, if your last meal is consumed and completed by 7:00 pm, the next consumption of food should start at 7:00 am, the next day, twelve-hours later. Sounds easy right? You will sleep for at least 6-8 hours of the fast so the hardest part is not snacking at night. 

Once you begin to feel the benefits, the more hours you choose to fast, the more benefits the body can experience.

Staying On Course

The only things that can be consumed while intermittent fasting is:

  • Plain water
  • Black coffee (nothing added)
  • Plain, non-citrus tea (nothing added)
  • Plain seltzer (no flavoring)

Once the fast is broken insulin is released and it takes several hours to reset. Food choices during this time should include high level nutrients mostly derived from plant-based recipes. This way the body utilizes these nutrients which can immediately aid during fasting to assist in maximum cellular repair, weight loss, and systemic stabilization.

A study by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) stated that,

“Repeated exposure to fasting periods results in lasting adaptive responses that confer resistance to subsequent challenges. The “broad-spectrum benefits” include not only disease resistance but also improved mental and physical performance.”

The Hour by Hour Connection Between You and Intermittent Fasting

8-11 hours

The 8-11 hour window is known as the ‘post absorptive state’ where the body is still utilizing nutrients from the last meal. It is best to rest during these hours until the body is able to switch into fat burning mode. Some believe that less benefits are attained if one does physical activity for exercise, like going to the gym and lifting weights, during this period.

12-15 hours

At these hours of not eating you have entered the “fasted state”. The body is now transforming into functions that would otherwise be shut down if the usual food grazing were to occur.

One function is the development of human growth hormone (hgh) levels which are rapidly increasing and starting to escalate muscle growth as well as cellular repair. Fat may begin being used for energy here as the body shuts off the expectation of carbohydrate sugars. Focus is heightened and body “lightness” can be experienced.

16-18 hours

Now hgh levels are really rising while fat is slowly being burned for fuel. Cellular repair begins (see autophagy at 24 hours). These hours are the “fasting sweet spot” where hunger can really clamp down until the chemical ghrelin, known as the “hunger hormone” telling you you’re hungry, drops. Holding on a little longer can bring huge benefits.

19-20 hours

Hgh levels are at a high rate of functioning capable of fixing broken cells, growing new ones, and ridding the body of cellular waste at an unprecedented rate. Fat is the new fuel now that your body is completely relying on. This means a lot of fat reserves can finally be diminished and you can begin to enjoy better weight management. At this point of the intermittent fast, if fat burning is something you desire, it is optimal to engage in continuous cardiovascular activities such as:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Jump roping
  • Rowing

24 hours

After slowly working toward a 24 hour fast, your body has completely transformed into a fat burning, cellular repairing machine. The body is also in full ketosis mode which is the transference of fat to fuel. Sometimes during a ketosis crossover flu-like symptoms can occur.

Autophagy (pronounced: aa-taa-fuh-jee) is a process of “cleaning house” within the cellular system that really ramps up at 24 hours. This process swipes out old, used cell parts and rebuilds new ones as it can slow aging, increase skin health, fight cancer more efficiently, and stoke cerebral functioning. Autophagy is most likely kicked into gear as the body reacts to a possible starvation situation and decides to give the body some advantages to hunting for food

By drinking plain water and avoiding anything that may spike insulin, you have the power to repair cells, burn excess fat, increase focus, mitigate disease and increase your overall quality of life. All of this for free and with no pharmaceutical help. Intermittent fasting may be the best choice to increase your health exponentially.