This Is Why You Should Be Taking Vitamin D

You may have heard of all the hype about taking vitamin D but might not be sure if it applies to you. It turns out that most people are deficient in this vitamin due to a variety of modern day reasons

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Without Making Really Big Changes

Losing weight is a challenge to many people. It may seem hard to change your habits, but there are ways to lose weight without making any really big changes. In fact, small changes, over time, will

12 Foods with More Vitamin C than Oranges and Some Surprising Health Benefits

You most likely have heard how vitamin C is one of the major go-to sources for fighting illness, particularly the common cold. It can be found infused in many food items, cough drops and even beauty

5 of The Easiest Ways to Drink More Water

We all know we should be adding more water to our daily diet and constant dehydration is bad for our health. A good amount of daily hydration helps your body flush toxins, moderate temperature, improves

3 Reasons To Increase Your Workout Intensity

Stepping up your game may help you in more ways than you think. Although any activity is better than none, turning it up a notch switches your body into a higher achieving organism.

Breaking a sweat

Studies Show, Eating Peppers May Elongate Your Life

If you have a taste for peppery foods you may be lengthening your life without even knowing it. It turns out that there are many compounds in various peppers that hold all sorts of systemic benefits

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