Asthma Triggers: Spot Them and Avoid Them

Chances are, if you have asthma you’ve been versed on what to do to keep it at bay. However, if you were just diagnosed, know someone with asthma, or want to brush up on ways to spot and avoid asthma

5 Homemade Ways to Naturally Treat a Minor Burn

Experiencing any skin burn can be very painful. It is the kind of injury that seems to keep burning even after initial contact and takes much longer to heal than a conventional wound. Many who experience

5 Reasons to Try A Colonic

Humans are pretty clean. Constant bathing, primping, picking and scent masking are some of the many cleanliness habits practiced. However, no one ever talks about the next best cleansing product for

The Truth Behind Cracking Your Knuckles

The popping or cracking sounds heard when you bend your finger joints may not be what you think. For years those that cracked their knuckles, pulled out their toes, twisted and popped their neck or

Easing Depression from Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Struggling with any health condition can be a challenge, not only for your body but for your mind as well. Dealing with a disability, pain, lack of independence, medications, doctor’s visits, and

Big Pharma Headache: The Power of Placebos

The placebo effect is a positive reaction to a non-medicine or medically recognized treatment. It has been known for centuries yet this may be the first time it is being officially recognized by medical

6 Reasons to Go Nuts

Grabbing a handful of nuts could be the perfect snack that enhances your health and replaces other, not so healthy, choices. Misconceptions about nuts were a concern in the 1990’s when everyone was

A Golden Application for Macular Degeneration

Gold is sometimes used in technology or medicine due to its non-reactive property. It is one of the only metals that does not combine with oxygen, dissolve in acids or react with halogens like chlorine

Dementia May Be On The Decline

A perfect example of research, medical breakthroughs, education and even alternative therapies is when something as debilitating as dementia

5 Natural Topical Remedies to Combat Baldness

If you’re feeling a breeze on your head that you never felt before, then you could slowly be going bald. It’s okay, bald took a turn a few years back when men started shaving their heads and embracing

Smart Medicine

For years, scientists (and vested interests) have been trying to develop a smart pill capable of raising focus and performance to super hero status. Currently there are several on the market that are

5 Benefits of Tongue Scraping

Gwyneth Paltrow and Gisele Bündchen are a few celebrities that have touted tongue scraping. Sure, they’re no experts but they do need a clean tongue in their line of profession, not unlike some politicians

This Activity May Increase Your Risk of Developing AMD and other Vision Problems

Relaxing has been associated with watching television, having a nice meal and for some, consuming alcohol. It is no surprise however that excessive alcohol consumption, like most things in excess, can

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