Coping Through Coloring

A few years ago, adult coloring books became the rage coming in at one of the top ten holiday gifts several seasons in a row. Today, many still swear by its healing effects and there are studies that

3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts to Prevent Chapped Lips

It might be the weather, your diet, environmental factors or any other number of reasons your lips go annoyingly dry, some to the point of bleeding.

Chapped lips are an uncomfortable condition that seems

5 Reasons You Need Prebiotics And Where to Find Them

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are foods designed to feed the bacteria living within your gut. These bacteria (also called microbes or flora) are critical for your body’s overall health because they help to create essential

Coping with Macular Degeneration using iPhones, iPads and Video Games

Being challenged by any vision problem is extremely tough. However, with vision research and technology on the rise there are many remedies available today than ever before with more to come

Top 5 Health Benefits of Playing a Team Sport

Written by Amanda Wilks

We live in an individualist society, so it’s no surprise that many overlook team sports in favor of independent training. It’s all the same, right?

As long as you’re moving your body and burning

Future Healing: Environmental Medicine

Often, it is the culmination of higher thinkers that bring antiquated science into the next phase. When something is working, why fix it? This is one of the many attitudes of conventional medicine today

New Study: Vitamin B3 May Help Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration

Making sure you get enough avocado, mushrooms, peanut butter, turkey or chicken means getting enough vitamin B3. Essential for breaking down carbohydrates into glucose for energy, vitamin B3 (also known

5 of The Easiest Ways to Drink More Water

We all know we should be adding more water to our daily diet and constant dehydration is bad for our health. A good amount of daily hydration helps your body flush toxins, moderate temperature, improves

3 Reasons To Increase Your Workout Intensity

Stepping up your game may help you in more ways than you think. Although any activity is better than none, turning it up a notch switches your body into a higher achieving organism.

Breaking a sweat

3 Natural Remedies for Dry Eye Syndrome

More people are struggling with dry eye syndrome than ever before. In fact, the National Eye Institute (NEI) reports that,

“Nearly five million Americans 50 years of age and older are estimated to

Studies Show, Eating Peppers May Elongate Your Life

If you have a taste for peppery foods you may be lengthening your life without even knowing it. It turns out that there are many compounds in various peppers that hold all sorts of systemic benefits

Top 5 Trending Diets: Hit or Miss?

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. And so it’s no surprise to find many people trying out the latest trends in dieting.

But with so many options to choose from, it’s

How to Sort the Facts from Fiction about Alternative Health

Alternative health is a controversial topic; conventional medicine treats many other professions as unscientific and inferior, while many patients report miraculous results. So how do you sift through

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