Wise Workout Tips: Part II

Wise Workout Tips: Part II

If you were able to follow Wise Workout Tips: Part I by shedding some pounds and maintaining a regimented cardio workout for at least 21 days, then you are ready for Wise Workout Tips: Part II. This is where weight training comes in and, depending on what you’re going for, it could be a journey with some impressive results.

It is important to note that you stay in contact with your doctor during this workout (as well as Part I) so you can maintain a safe, effective path.

Weight Training Choices

Lifting weights comes in two formats, free weights and machine weights.

Free Weights – Free weights offer more benefits as they target not only the major muscle group you are working but they also bring peripheral muscles into play.

This means that if you are doing chest presses on a free weight bench, you are not only working your chest and back muscles (pectoralis major, minor; trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, etc.) you are also working many other smaller muscles as they attempt to keep the free weights balanced such as the brachioradialis, deltoid, infraspinatus and many more.

Note: It is always best and safe to use free weights with a workout partner who can ‘spot’ you in case there’s a problem as well as getting some verbal encouragement.

Machine Weights – Weight training machines are not bad. If used correctly they can target specific muscle groups for a more tailored workout. So, rather than activating large and small muscles at the same time like free weights, machine weights concentrate on bulk muscles. They also offer a  faster workout as the setup is much quicker and they are safer to use.

Warmup the Wheels

Keeping your heart rate pumping at a good clip could help accelerate results. If you can fit in 20 minutes of cardio directly before lifting, your heart will keep firing those cylinders. This offers a  perfect warmup which includes circulation, oxygenation, and stamina. It also helps reduce injury.

The Quick and Dirty

Now that your cardio is complete, with at least a 20 minute session, then you can jump to the Quick and Dirty workout. This is perfect for those interested in hitting it fast and hard with minimal breaks in-between.

You’re out in about 50 minutes (with cardio) and 30 minutes (without). Hit it two to three times per week.

Note: You must continue cardio as well as weight training for ‘shirt-off-at-the-beach’ results.

*All exercises are 3 sets/10 reps. No more than 2 minutes rest in-between.

  • Bench/Crunches – Alternate between chest presses and sit-ups.
  • Curls/Triceps – Use dumbbells alternating between curls and over the head movements as if you’re throwing a football motion.
  • Lats – Machine chest pulls or free weight dumbbells or straight bar, bent at waist pull up to chest.
  • Quads – Machine leg press (leg curl if good knees) or free weight across upper traps into squats.
  • Calves – Machine leg press or free weight across upper traps into tip toe position.
  • Upper Chest/Traps – These are called ‘military’s’. Use an upper chest machine or free weight bar (seated) or do pull-ups.

The Gym Rat

If you have the luxury of three, four, five or more visits to the gym per week then you can do ‘The Gym Rat’ workout. This is taking specific muscle groups and breaking them down to full workouts. These workouts require precise exercises that should be done with a trainer, friend who is familiar with them or through your own research. For instance, a whole workout can be spent on arms; the next workout chest and back; the next legs; and so forth. Pretty simple.

To Tone or Not to Tone

So here is where you make your decision on how you’re going to look after lifting weights for a few weeks (21 days is the progress bar).

Tone – Toning your muscles means sculpting them. If you want statuesque lines were your biceps, triceps, abs, lats, etc. begin and end then this workout is for you. All you do is use less weight and more reps. That’s it.

Instead of three sets of ten do three sets of 20 or 5 sets of 10. The object is to burn residual fat while slightly building muscle.

Note: The more fat you lose the more muscles you’ll see.

Not Tone – If you like the bulldog look then you will want to build muscle. This entails lifting heavy weight. Start with a manageable amount and do 10 reps. Add more and do 8 reps. Add more and do 6. In the end you’ll want to max out at 3 or 1.

Note: A spotter (a workout partner or someone who can be there to help) is essential for these heavy sessions.

Sticking to a cardio and weight training regiment could have you styling in no time. Stay with the program and don’t divert. The results and the accolades will be well worth it.