Top 4 Natural Headache Remedies

Top 4 Natural Headache Remedies

A headache can really ruin your day. Sometimes you wake up with one and it lingers from hour to hour relentlessly poking you behind the eyes, in the sinuses or at the base of your skull. Other times it creeps up on you and annoyingly sends piercing pain throughout your head all day long.

Sure, grabbing a few aspirin sometimes does the trick but a New York Times report on a 2012 study regarding side effects of frequent aspirin use cited that,

“Aspirin users were about 30 percent more likely to have serious gastrointestinal bleeding,”.

Natural headache fixes may be a better way for your body to embrace headache prevention as well as apply acute targeting.

Always check with your doctor before taking any natural remedy.

Find the Source

Although headaches are an elusive health condition with many medical practitioners creating their own headache trying to pinpoint cause and effect, there are some sources to consider. If any of these apply to you, changing or repairing them may help.

These may include:

Stress – High stress can impede blood flow as well as create chemical changes, such as cortisol release, that may result in a headache.

Diet – Processed foods containing sugar, preservatives, salt and other additives have been linked as headache causes.

Hormonal changes – Menopause, andropause (male menopause), menstrual cycle and pregnancy can all contribute to headache symptoms.

Environmental factors – Artificial light, constant computer screen work, toxic or strong smells are a few of the many headache causing environmental factors.

Medication side effects – Headaches can sometimes be the unfortunate side effect of medications. Talk to your doctor about possibly changing your prescription and never take any alternative remedies, especially if you are on medication, without your doctor’s consent.

Allergies – Suffering with a sinus headache can often be the result of pollen, mold, pollutants or other allergen origin.

Sports injury – Some sports involve high impact and when this happens acute or chronic headaches can ensue.

Trauma – Traumatic events such as a car accident, fall, or sudden life change may lead to headaches.

Feverfew – The Herbal Aspirin

Natural headache fixes are found in a variety of herbs but could affect people differently. With the consent of your doctor, it is best to approach these botanicals one at a time until you feel you have found a match.

Feverfew is one of the most popular natural headache fixes. This herb contains parthenolides, specific compounds that have been found to dilate blood vessels when they have been constricted and cause a headache.

It was the18th Century herbalist John Hill who said,

“…in the worst headache, this herb exceeds whatever else is known.”

Check with your doctor or naturopath about suggested dosages which can range between 50-100mg daily.

Qigong (Chee-Gong)

This ancient practice has been linked to relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, decreasing skeletal pain, reducing muscle stiffness, increasing circulation, enhancing sleep and increasing immunity. When one or more of these benefits is attained, headaches can potentially become few and far between.

Qi Gong has many forms of practice but its overall tools are described as,

“…combinations of meditation, breathing techniques and gentle motions to help qi [chee – life force], or vital energy, circulate optimally throughout the body.”

You may have heard of Tai Chi. This is a form of qigong which consists of slow, fluid, martial arts movements synchronized with calculated breathing.


Sometimes all it takes to relieve a headache is to take matters into your own hands. Going with the impulse to touch were it hurts on your head is how it starts. Gently touch the spot and lightly massage counterclockwise (in Chinese medicine this decreases abundant energy).

You can also place the pad of your thumb on the ridge at the base of the back of your skull and gently press as you slide it along. You’re looking for a point that directly resonates with your headache pain. Once you find this, press a little harder while deeply breathing in your nose and out your mouth.

Try these simple natural headache fixes. Also, make sure to drink enough water supplement multi-nutrients including B2 (riboflavin), magnesium, co-enzyme Q-10. Talk to your doctor for proper dosage.