The Colonic Experience

The Colonic Experience

Cleaning out your colon may make you squirm but this practice has been in existence for centuries, and for good reason.

It is a way of sloughing away embedded toxins that may be impeding a potentially higher quality of living.

The colonic experience offers a variety of benefits with minimal discomfort.

Check with your doctor to make sure a colonic is safe regarding your individual health history.

Do take note that some in the medical community feel colonics are unnecessary due to the fact that the digestive system is powerful enough to detox itself.

However, those in favor of colonics cite, according to WebMD, that, “colon cleansing — also called a colonic or a colonic irrigation — improves health by removing toxins, promoting healthy intestinal bacteria, boosting your energy and enhancing your immune system.”

In the Office

Once you find a reputable, licensed, professional colonic therapist your experience should begin with a short intake of your health history.

This is usually through a standard form as well as face to face interview to determine all the specifics needed for a successful protocol. Prior to your visit it is best to avoid food for at least four or five hours (or what your therapist recommends) beforehand.

On the Table

You will be asked to get undressed and most likely put on a paper robe that ties in the back.

The colonic room usually consists of a comfortable examining table just like a doctor’s office with various tubes, etc. throughout the room.

Your therapist, who should be wearing surgical gloves, will ask you to lie on your side and then gently insert a lubricated disposable nozzle slightly into your rectum.

The tube attached to the nozzle sometimes has a window within it to allow you to see what evacuates from your colon. An array of certain material may be able to be seen being removed including undigested food and dark stool that has probably been impacted for a long time.

Warm purified, distilled water is slowly administered into the colon to begin breaking down fecal matter.

Slight pressure can be felt as the colon fills but usually does not present much discomfort.

Some practitioners will incorporate certain beneficial additives to stimulate, detoxify and/or cleanse the colon. These may include coffee, aloe vera juice, or a variety of other natural substances geared toward making your colonic a more robust, healthful experience.

The entire colonic should take about forty-five minutes to an hour. After you are finished you will need to release any leftover water so be sure to wait about ten minutes or so and be near a bathroom.

After Your Colonic

It is important to note that you should be careful what you eat after your colonic.

Diving into a greasy burger and fries is probably not the best choice. You will want to start off with some light fare like raw, unprocessed fruits or vegetables to allow your body to slowly assimilate.

The Protocol

Seven colonic sessions is about the standard amount for optimal results.

By the seventh session your colonic practitioner should see less stool and clearer liquid.

This means that your colon wall has been sloughed of impacted feces and your colonic sessions are complete.

Some get a colonic on a weekly basis but many feel this is too excessive and unnecessary.

Doing seven sessions twice per year should be enough.

Colonic Benefits

Natural News describes six unique colonic benefits. Hopefully you will experience them all however one or two may occur:

1. A lowered risk of developing colorectal cancer, the second or third leading type of cancer in most industrialized countries.

2. A lowered risk of experiencing irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, and chronic diarrhea.

3. A lowered risk of developing hemorrhoids.

4. Less objectionable gas production.

5. More efficient absorption of water and minerals.

6. A feeling of lightness, comfort, and well-being in your abdominal region.

In addition to the above, some even report losing weight after experiencing several colonic sessions.

This may be due to impacted feces being removed from the colon allowing more nutritional absorption and easier waste elimination. When the plumbing is working on all cylinders the body may respond in many positive ways including less stress, better moods, healthier sleep and increased energy.

The colonic experience can be a positive, healthy habit that just may keep you in good health for years.

Always check with your doctor before beginning any colonic therapy.