Foods That Boost Your Thyroid

The thyroid gland acts as your body’s control center. Its constant release or withholding of various hormones signals the body to carry out specific functions. Located below the Adam’s Apple (aka

This Is Why You Should Be Taking Vitamin D

You may have heard of all the hype about taking vitamin D but might not be sure if it applies to you. It turns out that most people are deficient in this vitamin due to a variety of modern day reasons

Studies Show Surprising Vitamin D Benefits

Modern living offers many conveniences but it can sometimes negatively affect the human body. This is the case with the essential absorption of vitamin D.

Mostly synthesized in your body by being exposed

Vitamin D: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Vitamin D is an elusive systemic requirement. The body does not produce it on its own without natural sunlight and it can only be found minimally in certain foods.

It used to be easy to get enough vitamin D but as our sun has become more dangerous to our skin many people cover up with sunblock, sunglasses and clothes decreasing absorption.

In addition, vegan diets, people of color, pollution levels, cloud cover and even the angle of the sun can all effect vitamin D assimilation. As a result, vitamin D deficiency is estimated to be at  near epidemic proportions with an approximate of 70% of American adults and children presenting low levels.

The elderly are also at risk given that they spend less time in the sun, do not have the ability to absorb the sun like they did in younger years, eat less of a varied diet and may have weaker kidneys unable to convert vitamin D. It is estimated that 40% of the elderly, even if they live in a sunny climate, have vitamin D deficiency.

5 Tips to Naturally Boost Testosterone

Testosterone seems to be the recent poster child for Big Pharma profits. According to IMS Health, “sales of testosterone drugs grew by 90% over 5 years, reaching $1.9 billion in 2011. By 2017, the entire testosterone market is expected to hit $5 billion.” (Fiercepharma). Yet, there are many in the science and medical fields that feel low testosterone levels are normal after age 35 when they begin to decline. Synthetically replenishing this hormone could be less beneficial than expected. Consumer Reports published a controversial article (5/13) citing that their medical team urged men to be cautious of pharmaceutical testosterone therapy. Some even equate  possible results to the rise of breast cancer due to hormone replacement for menopause.

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