4 Surprising Ways to Beat Insomnia

If you can’t get some healthy shuteye you might want to try these 4 surprising ways to beat insomnia. These are simple fixes you may not have thought of which could have

3 Unexpected Ways to Fall Asleep

Sometimes it may be difficult to fall asleep. For some it might even be a constant struggle that borders on the edge of insomnia. Maybe you’ve tried some conventional medicines to knock you out but

12 Foods with More Vitamin C than Oranges and Some Surprising Health Benefits

You most likely have heard how vitamin C is one of the major go-to sources for fighting illness, particularly the common cold. It can be found infused in many food items, cough drops and even beauty

5 Reasons You Get Sleep But Still Feel Fatigued

You just can’t figure it out. Sleeping through the night is not a problem but you still experience fatigue. It turns out that now it’s not just the amount of hours of sleep you get but the kind

7 Benefits of Napping

Unless you’re a toddler, taking a nap may not be on your schedule. Well, you might want to figure out how to steal away and get some midday shuteye because a nap may enhance your health in ways you

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