3 Unexpected Ways to Fall Asleep

Sometimes it may be difficult to fall asleep. For some it might even be a constant struggle that borders on the edge of insomnia. Maybe you’ve tried some conventional medicines to knock you out but

12 Foods with More Vitamin C than Oranges and Some Surprising Health Benefits

You most likely have heard how vitamin C is one of the major go-to sources for fighting illness, particularly the common cold. It can be found infused in many food items, cough drops and even beauty

5 Reasons You Get Sleep But Still Feel Fatigued

You just can’t figure it out. Sleeping through the night is not a problem but you still experience fatigue. It turns out that now it’s not just the amount of hours of sleep you get but the kind

7 Benefits of Napping

Unless you’re a toddler, taking a nap may not be on your schedule. Well, you might want to figure out how to steal away and get some midday shuteye because a nap may enhance your health in ways you

Sleep Loss May Cause Alzheimer’s

It is now believed that when you sleep, your brain cleanses itself of debris, similar to erasing chalk off a blackboard.

A huge amount of information is absorbed by your brain each day. This includes

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