Stop Dark Circles Naturally

Stop Dark Circles Naturally

If you suffer with or have experienced bouts of discoloration under your eyes, there are some ways to stop these dark circles naturally. Dark circles can make you look tired, unhealthy, and in some cases downright sinister when in realty you usually aren’t any of those things at all. However, underlying factors that include diet, stress, and environmental influences could be the cause of under eye changes. Knowing the cause and implementing one or more natural remedies could be all you need to change your appearance for the better. 

Don’t struggle with dark circles under your eyes or waste your money on over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals or cosmetics to try to alleviate this condition. Stop dark circles naturally with the proper information, botanicals, and other easy fixes to try and rid yourself of this unsightly problem to hopefully, never return.

Puffy Illusion

When the delicate skin under your eyes becomes puffy, it can actually cast a dark shadow that creates dark circles. Puffiness can be caused by a variety of factors which may include consumption of excessive salt, alcohol, or tobacco. Other causes include seasonal allergies, dehydration and lack of sleep.

All About Vision recommends several ways to alleviate under eye puffiness which includes:

  • Using eye drops for irritation caused by allergies, if appropriate
  • Drinking ample fluid to prevent dehydration
  • Applying iced compresses when your lids are swollen
  • Applying cucumber slices or chilled tea bags over closed eyes
  • Reducing salt in your diet
  • Eating potassium-rich foods, such as bananas, to eliminate excess fluids in your body
  • Splashing cold water over your face and eyes
  • Getting plenty of sleep and rest
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Try some of these puffy eye fixes and see if you might be able to reduce dark circles. Be patient, it took some time for you to develop these bags so it may take a few weeks to send them packing. 

Circulate and Alleviate

If your systemic blood circulation is compromised, chances are the first responders are the weak, thin skin under your eyes. The dark circles you see just may be the result of low oxygenated blood. As arteries carry rich, red blood full of oxygen, tiny capillaries often transport oxygen depleted blood which can create a bluish tint through the often translucent skin under your eyes. These same capillaries can be so delicate they sometimes leak red blood cells into the surrounding tissue. This can happen on its own or through excessive rubbing or trauma (sports face guard, harsh cosmetics, strong pharmaceuticals, and inexperienced botox injections). 

When under eye capillaries leak, natural enzymes rush to the area to break down the blood cells and hemoglobin that shouldn’t be there. Inevitably, the hemoglobin decomposes resulting in a blue-black color that is visible through the skin. 

Natural ways to increase your systemic circulation as well as directly enhance blood flow under your eyes to alleviate dark circles might involve:

  • A good exercise regiment (walking, light weightlifting, bike-riding)
  • Increase water intake as hydration can strengthen capillary performance
  • Extremely gentle, light tapping and circular massage under the eyes
  • Natural blood circulation and anti-inflammatory herbs such as: turmeric, butcher’s broom, ginger, hawthorn, and cayenne. Note: Always check with your doctor or herbalist before taking herbs especially if you are on medication.

Fat Sneaks In

You may have heard that when certain people lose weight it is significantly apparent in their face. Your dark circles could be associated with fatty deposits under your eyes. Just like puffiness, fat that has formed under the eyes also causes shadowing that results in dark, unsightly bags. Obviously, the remedy to this is weight maintenance. 

Re-assessing your exercise and diet habits could play a major role in improving your appearance. Try a predominantly plant-based diet with lots of water and avoid processed foods, high carbohydrates (sugar, bread, pasta rice) while improving your physical activity. 

Again, it took a while to form your under eye fat deposits so give it time. Slow weight loss is best so stay the course for a lifetime rather than a temporary diet and your dark circles could very well disappear.

Try some of these natural remedies to help alleviate your under eye dark circles. Changing your diet and personal habits could go a long way, not only for your appearance but for your overall health as well. Take the time to concentrate on your body and it will, more often than not, respond in positive ways.