Relieve Chronic Lower Back Pain

Relieve Chronic Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be highly debilitating as it has the ability to affect almost every other aspect of your life. Laughing hurts, driving is unbearable, getting up and down from a chair makes you wince and so many other normal, everyday activities become a challenge.

The National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke states that at any given time, 80% of adults report experiencing some sort of low back pain in the past three months. Also, in a 1990 to 2010 national study on mortality or poor health due to disease, low back pain rose from sixth place to third place (ischemic heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ranked higher).

With such statistics, chronic lower back pain is certainly a large problem. Some even say it’s an epidemic. Add in the American obesity problem and chronic lower back pain is certainly one of the symptoms.

It may be possible for you to relieve chronic lower back pain. All it takes is some easy, once-a-day lifestyle changes. Talk to your doctor about using these techniques.

16 Minute Daily Stretch

Chinese medicine believes that pain is caused by stuck energy. Whether it is through enhancing circulation, opening tight muscle striations or stimulating nerve clusters, committing to physical activity consistently shows the ability to release this stagnant or stuck energy.

A daily 16 minute (8 minutes in the morning and 8 at night) stretching regiment to relieve chronic lower back pain is, in most cases, all it takes.

  • Each morning and evening, lie on your back on a solid surface with your knees bent.
  • Bring one bent knee as far to your chest as you can.
  • Assist your knee by clasping your hands UNDER it so as to support the joint.
  • Do not force it toward your chest but do give yourself a stretch.
  • While doing this do not arch your back. Make it as flat as you can upon each stretch.
  • Hold for 1 minute while breathing in your nose and out your mouth.
  • Switch and repeat until each leg has done four minutes.

The breathing part of this is just as important as the physical. It offers a meditative effect which can manage or lower stress, a major contributor to back pain.

Release Your Inner Pain Killer

There are many activities you can do to naturally relieve your chronic lower back pain level. Anxiety, stress, and depression are common side effects of back pain that can also be alleviated by incorporating some of these changes.

It all has to do with the release of endorphins, natural analgesic (pain killer) neurotransmitter hormones that studies claim work just as effectively as prescription pain meds. Before reaching for another pill, release your inner pain killer by trying:

  • Aerobic exercise (this doesn’t have to be a major gym class, it can be a brisk 15 minute walk)
  • Massage Therapy
  • Listening to music
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • More joy – particularly laughing and smiling (watch a comedy show or routine)

According to the Institute for Work and Health,

“Massage helps reduce pain and improve functioning in patients who have had low-back pain for more than four weeks, especially when combined with exercise.”

Great to Hydrate

It may sound like the simplest thing but if you are suffering from chronic lower back pain making sure you are hydrated and well rested can do wonders for your pain.

Keeping hydrated means drinking 4-8 glasses of water per day. Signs of dehydration include excessive thirst, fatigue, headaches, muscle weakness, aches and pains and digestive challenges.

Start your day with a tall glass of room temperature water (yup, your body can be shocked by cold water). If you have to, set an alarm on your cell phone to make sure you replenish with another glass of water about every 2 hours. Add a slice of lemon if you are a slave to constant, sugar laden tastes. The lemon enzymes can enhance digestion and may quell your need for sweets.

Slumber Like Nobody’s Business

Sleep can be more difficult as lower back pain can cause insomnia. Medication may be required at first but finding more natural sleep remedies could be a better approach down the line. Doing such things as lowering or eliminating your caffeine and alcohol consumption, stopping your food intake hours before bedtime and practicing relaxation techniques prior to sleep can all help.

To relieve chronic lower back pain takes commitment, encouragement and tenaciousness to forge through such constant nagging discomfort. Eating right, losing weight, exercising and changing your attitude just may be the exact prescription you need to heal.