Pre and Post-Surgery Natural Preparation

Pre and Post-Surgery Natural Preparation

If you are preparing for an operation, depending on the procedure and your doctor’s advice, there may be some pre and post-surgery natural preparation you can try to make your experience more positive.

It could be nutritional, supplemental or therapeutic but doing everything you can may result in less pain, more mobility and rapid healing.

The Vibrational Remedy

Homeopathy may get a bad rap by conventional medicine but many people have benefited from its vibrational healing for hundreds of years. It is considered vibrational because it derives from the highly diluted compounds of the plant, mineral or animal source that, if taken whole, would cause the very symptoms associated with the particular ailment it’s being used for. Like cures like.

Seek out the evaluation of a trained homeopath for pre and post-surgery (or other ailment) remedies as there is an easy, but strict, protocol in the proper dosage and administering of homeopathic remedies.

Some remedies that may be recommended include:

Arnica Montana – Derived from the indigenous midwestern plant of the same name or sometimes called Leopard’s Bane, Mountain Tobacco, Sneezewort, or Mountain Daisy, arnica is one of the most responded to remedies in the homeopathic canon. It is believed to reduce surgical shock, minimize bleeding, reduce inflammation and diminish bruising.

Hypercium Perforatum – Better known as the plant, St. John’s Wort, this remedy has been attributed to assisting with major surgery such as a bypass or something spine related.

Calcarea Phosphorica – This mineral could be essential for bone or tooth related surgery. It has been shown to relieve joint pain before and after surgery. Calc Phos may also help tendon, ligament and fracture related injury prior to or after surgical manipulation.

Ruta Graveolens – A centuries old remedy, ruta works well pre-surgery for addressing post-surgery reduction of bruising, muscle pain and bone soreness. These three symptoms are often a result of post-surgery recovery and can be considerably minimized if ruta is responded to both before and after an operation.

Staphysagria – This is another age old remedy derived from the seeds of the Lice-Bane or Stavesacre plant. It has been used for pre and post-surgical procedures from such things as bullet wounds, abdominal procedures, caesarean sections and prostate removal.

Clinical Hypnosis

That’s right, hypnosis. It may be considered a carnival act by some but clinical hypnosis has been successfully used in a variety of applications such as smoking cessation, weight loss and even as a pre and post-surgery natural preparation.

According to The Alternative Daily,

“…hypnosis has been proven to reduce time spent in hospital and decrease health insurance costs by promoting healing and reducing the necessity for expensive drugs.”

By bringing a person’s awareness to a completely other realm, hypnosis has been able to reduce pre-surgery anxiety and, in some cases, enable surgery without anesthesia.

Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (vol 99, Issue 17) the combined results of various studies on hypnosis for surgery report,

“This brief hypnotic preparation was sufficient to produce a statistically significant reduction in the use of propofol and lidocaine; yet despite this, patients in the intervention group reported less pain, nausea, fatigue, discomfort, and emotional upset than did patients in the control group….hypnosis during interventional radiologic procedures results in reduced use of anesthetic medication, less pain and anxiety, shorter procedure time (an average of 18 minutes), and cost savings of $338 per procedure.”

Many naturopathic doctors are trained in clinical hypnosis. There are also solo professional hypnotists that use their talents for clinical applications rather than entertainment. Look for specific training when choosing a clinical hypnotists that includes state or national certification/licensing by a mental health professional organization.

Using pre and post-surgery natural preparations such as homeopathy and clinical hypnosis may be an excellent way to not only speed healing but reduce the anxiety that often accompanies even the most minor procedure.

Always boost your immune system prior to surgery by avoiding processed foods and eating more antioxidant rich choices such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Talk to your physician and/or naturopathic doctor about the best choices of pre and post-surgery natural preparation.