Naturally Preventing and Healing Herpes

Naturally Preventing and Healing Herpes

Herpes is a contagious viral infection that mostly presents on the mouth or genitals. These show as tiny fever blisters with burning, neurological pain that lasts about two weeks. About one in five adults have the virus. Many sufferers know when they are going to have a herpes outbreak and immediately reach for a choice of prescription remedies.

Naturally preventing and healing herpes can be put into place to keep this incurable virus at bay without the need for medication. However, if you are currently on medication for herpes talk to your doctor before replacing with natural remedies.

Your Life,Your Herpes

Some people report not having an outbreak for many years due to dietary and supplement change. There are also theories that the herpes virus can eventually burn itself out after being dealt with naturally as opposed to chemically suppressing it.

Try specific food choices while avoiding others, also include botanical and nutraceutical supplementation for natural herpes maintenance.

Your relief may be what’s on your fork, in your kitchen cupboard or hiding in your medicine cabinet. If it’s not, it may be time to get some.

Arginine vs. Lysine

Arginine and lysine are amino acids we absorb through food.

Arginine has been linked to having the potential to cause herpes outbreaks and it is recommended that a herpes sufferer avoid arginine rich foods.

Some arginine rich foods include: Meat, seafood, whole wheat, nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, peas, asparagus, and chocolate.

Incorporating more lysine (by food as well as supplement) there is the possibility of reducing herpes outbreaks.

Lysine rich foods include: Yogurt, most cheeses, eggs, brewer’s yeast, milk, beans, some seafood, liver, light chicken or turkey, lentils, tofu, apricots, and apples.

Granted, many of these foods contain both amino acids however each have a higher concentration of lysine or arginine. Check with your doctor before supplementing.


There are many plant based and herbal remedies which can be applied to a herpes outbreak. Either orally or topically these botanicals could significantly relieve pain and increase healing. Always check with your doctor before using any alternative remedy for herpes.

Lemon Balm

This unassuming plant packs a big punch. With a good percentage of phyto (plant) chemicals lemon balm has been studied as a potential antiviral remedy with the ability to also heal herpes zoster sores.

Lemon balm’s antioxidant properties phenolic, rosmarinic and caffeic acids are also abundant. Intake of antioxidants keeps the immune system from being taxed by outside bacterial and viral attacks.

Natural News reports that,

A 1993 study of lemon balm applied five times per day resulted in 96% of the control group healed of lesions after an eight day treatment. The study cited caffeic, rosmarinic, and ferulic acids as the cause of this rapid healing.

Tea Tree Oil

It is a pungent remedy and should be in every medicine cabinet. Tea tree oil has been the go-to healing oil for centuries. Think of it as an age old bacitracin.

For herpes sores, all you need is a single drop directly on the wound. After applying, it may slightly sting. Let it air dry and re-apply as many times as you like. Check with your doctor before using.

Peppermint and Lavender Oil

Another potential rapid healing remedy for herpes sores is the combination of peppermint oil, lavender oil and a small amount of olive oil.

Applied directly to the sore with a cotton tip or eye dropper, this combo will attempt to sooth nerve pain and encourage the body to easily close the wound.

Licorice Root

As all botanicals are recommended to be approved by your doctor, it is especially important when ingesting licorice root. This is a powerful herb that could deplete your body of potassium while retaining sodium.

However, it contains glycyrrhizic acid, which is being studied for reports of it deactivating and reversing herpes simplex in vitro. It can also be applied topically to speed recovery.

Immune System Building

As mentioned, maintaining a strong immune system could also be an excellent herpes outbreak preventative. Some important vitamins and minerals that should be in your food and/or supplements are:

  • Vitamin C – Increases healing
  • Zinc – Inhibits replication of herpes cellular growth
  • Vitamin A – Increases thymus gland function which is key to fighting viruses.

Naturally preventing and healing herpes can be done with notice to your medical doctor and the guidance of a professional herbalist, holistic or naturopathic doctor.