Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom Coffee?

When you just thought you saw it all, along comes a food concoction that makes you raise an eyebrow or grimace in pain. There’s pizza and Nutella, french fries and ice cream, bacon and jelly, and salt and pepper on apples to name a few. 

Now, it looks like mushroom coffee is out of the gate but before you yell at the weird food gods, take note that not all weird foods raise taste bar levels, some are actually good for you. 

Coffee 2.0

Along with tea and water, coffee is one of the top global beverages. It charges up so many people every single morning and keeps them rolling throughout the day. In addition to the taste, social interaction, and a variety of blends, coffee has some excellent health benefits as well.

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) conducted a study titled ‘Coffee consumption and health: umbrella review of meta-analyses of multiple health outcomes’ (2017) concluding that, 

“…estimates indicating largest relative risk reduction at intakes of three to four cups a day versus none,…High versus low consumption was associated with an 18% lower risk of incident cancer. Consumption was also associated with a lower risk of several specific cancers and neurological, metabolic, and liver conditions.”

Other benefits of coffee include:

  • Antioxidant Effects – Hydrocinnamic acids and polyphenols
  • Essential Nutrients – Niacin (vitamin B3), Potassium, Phosphorus
  • Mood Enhancer – Neurotransmitter hormone release of dopamine and glutamate

Most research of the benefits of coffee come from drinking it black. Once you add sugar and dairy you significantly lower these benefits. There are, however, some negative aspects to drinking coffee which include: 

  • Overstimulation – CNS (central nervous system) affected
  • Indigestion – Excessive hydrochloric acid production
  • Sleep – Caffein may cause sleeplessness and possibly insomnia
  • Oral Care – Bad breath and stained teeth
  • Too Strong – Not recommended for those who are pregnant, adolescent, or elderly

Mushroom coffee is like coffee 2.0. It gives you the kick of caffeine without the jittery energy rollercoaster, replacing it with some superior health benefits instead.  

Be A Fun Guy 

Okay, it’s a pun, but sipping coffee mixed with healing fungi needs some sort of hook to get people interested. Once you taste it however (many say it tastes just like coffee), you’ll be surprised and may want to find out all the benefits you are getting at the same time. 

Mushroom coffee is an extract powder of a blend of specialty mushrooms. These are dehydrated with a unique spray drying technique resulting in a concentrated formula chock full of health enhancing compounds. Just add hot water to a pack of mushroom coffee powder sprinkled into a mug and you are on your way to a whole new Joe. 

A Whole New Joe

According to Cynthia Sass, RD, contributing nutrition editor for Health,

“There is some research to show that the maitake mushroom may lower blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes,” she says. And chagas have been touted for their ability to support digestive health and ward off bacteria and viruses.”

Maitake, lion’s mane, and chaga mushrooms are some of the many mushrooms in the cordyceps family and main ingredient in mushroom coffee. 

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reported on the purported uses of chaga mushrooms, stating that they may:

  • Stimulate the immune system – Laboratory and animal studies show that chaga can activate some types of immune cells.
  • Reduce inflammation – Laboratory and animal studies suggest anti-inflammatory effects. A small study in humans also suggested a reduction in markers related to inflammation.
  • Protect the liver – Although protective effects have been reported, these benefits have not yet been studied or confirmed.
  • Prevent and treat cancer – Laboratory and animal studies show that chaga can inhibit cancer progression.

Healthline lists the many benefits of the mushroom known as lion’s mane which includes: 

  • Protects against dementia
  • Relieves mild depression or anxiety 
  • Speeds nerve regeneration recovery
  • Protect against digestive tract ulcers

These are just some of the benefits of the effect of mushrooms on the body. By adding dried mushroom blends to powdered coffee you could be experiencing a whole new cup of Joe. 

Take the Mushroom Challenge

Once you get over the initial “ick” factor of trying mushroom coffee you may be surprised at the results. Although the benefits of mushrooms are compared in the laboratory it is the accumulated effects that show results. Mushroom coffee is a concentrated amount of many mushrooms packed into one serving. This means that you are essentially ingesting a lot more than you may get in a single serving during mealtime. As mentioned, the taste may surprise you and once your body gets used to the natural boost mushroom coffee offers, you could be on your way to a less invasive prodding of your central nervous system and a more healthy stimulant response.

Mushroom coffee may just sound like another fad but many are touting it as the new crossover that adds to the path of better health. You can find mushroom coffee online, at health food shops, and even some big box stores selling packets in bulk. Also, you may want to check with your doctor before consuming concentrated mushrooms as some types could affect blood pressure as well as medication interaction.