Homeopathy for Erectile Dysfunction

Homeopathy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more prevalent than most people think. Whether physical, mental or both this condition is estimated to afflict approximately 18 million men with 5% in their 40’s and 15% over 60.

ED is not just about being unable to achieve an erection it can also be applied to those that lose their erection during sexual activity or have a difficult time becoming erect. ED or these minor ED occurrences are often unreported estimating that there is a much higher incidence as a result of many men feeling shamed by this condition.

Conventional medicine stumbled upon various remedies for ED offering a pharmaceutical approach that many men use on a daily basis. Although effective, like any pharmaceutical, there are potential side effects.

Traditional medicine also offers ED remedies through a variety of applications. Homeopathy is one such remedy that when applied correctly could be a natural way to solve this issue safely, without side effects and completely under the radar.

The Homeopathy Approach

Homeopathy has been in existence since the late 1700’s. It was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Europe by experimenting its results on himself.

The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine describes Hahnemann’s approach,

“Hahnemann believed that if a patient had an illness, it could be cured by giving a medicine which, if given to a healthy person, would produce similar symptoms of that same illness but to a slighter degree. Thus, if a patient was suffering from severe nausea, he was given a medicine which in a healthy person would provoke mild nausea. By a process he called ‘proving’, Hahnemann claimed to be able to compile a selection of appropriate remedies. This led to his famous aphorism, ‘like cures like’, which is often called the ‘principle of similars’; and he cited Jenner’s use of cowpox vaccination to prevent smallpox as an example.”

Although touted by many medical and scientific professionals as “quackery” this form of medicine has been proven over and over since its inception. Homeopathy for erectile dysfunction could be a useful tool before moving on to other traditional or conventional approaches. Although self prescribing may be successful it is recommended to seek out a trained, professional homeopath for more rapid, effective and beneficial results.


Homeopathic remedies are mostly derived from plants, animals or minerals. Each source is broken down many hundreds of times until the “vibration” of that source is harnessed into the remedy. Before taking a homeopathic remedy it is important to understand and follow the very easy, yet important protocol for each application.

Homeopathic remedies can come in two forms, liquid or small, sweet pellets. Sublingual (under the tongue) application is usually the best delivery process as the remedy can easily permeate the tiny capillaries here, immediately being able to enter the bloodstream. However, ingesting a remedy is also a possibility although the process may take a little longer as it makes its way through the digestive system.

Remedies should never be touched (they often come in convenient dispensaries to avoid handling) and should never be taken directly after eating, drinking pungent beverages like coffee, brushing your teeth or putting on cologne/perfume.

Dosages come in 30c, 200c and 1M. It is best to start with one dose of 30c twice per day to start.

Homeopathic Remedies for ED

Agnus Castus: This remedy addresses cold feeling genitals. It is targeted to men who have had frequent, intense sexual activity for years and suddenly run into difficulty.

Argentum nitricum: Used when men think too much during sex and lose their erection. Often prescribed to men who are stressed, worried or anxious.

Caladium: For those who cannot produce an erection at all regardless of his libido. Non-erection nocturnal emissions (ejaculation during sleep) may occur in these men.

Selenium metallicum: Selenium is used for men with vivid sexual fantasies but have difficulty producing or maintaining an erection. This remedy is especially useful if men have ED after experiencing a fever or illness.

Staphysagria: For emotionally suppressed, sensitive, shy, embarrassed men who may have a history of abuse.

Lycopodium: Older men that suffer from prostate problems and feelings of inferiority even though they may act domineering may benefit from lycopodium.

Baryta Carbonica: Having premature ejaculation or the inability to produce an erection may be helped by this remedy. It also helps support the prostate as well as frequent urination.

Sabal serrulata (Saw palmetto): Saw palmetto in homeopathic as well as botanical form is an excellent remedy for an enlarged prostate and increase of sexual desire. It assists in producing an erection for men that have no problem becoming sexual aroused.

As mentioned it is best to seek out the expertise of a homeopath however attempting one or more of these remedies for erectile dysfunction on your own may prove beneficial.