Getting in Shape for Summer

Getting in Shape for Summer

Summer is a season away, but we all know that if you want that fit body for summer, you should have already started working on it. But if you’re just now breaking out the skirts and tops and figuring out they just don’t fit the way they used to, you’re not too late. No matter how much you want to get in shape, make sure you don’t resort to crash diets, juice cleanses and other dangerous actions that can leave serious consequences on your body. There is a healthy way to get to your body goal and it is the only way to go if you want to stay healthy and keep your results up. Here’s how to do it.

Routine changes

The majority of things that change our lives are the little things that we do. It’s not the slice of cake you eat on the weekends, it’s the extra cube of sugar you put in your coffee every morning. But changing habits is hard, and that is why you need to constantly remind yourself what your goal is. Put motivational boards or quotes near the things that usually distract you from your goal (for example, the fridge).

Another great way to stay on top of new habits is to have a habit tracker that you fill out daily. Try to keep your habits similar to what you do now: change your morning coffee for a cup of green tea, replace your sweet craving with fruit and reach for fruit-infused water instead of juice whenever you feel like a refreshment. It is these small changes that will lead to the biggest results. Remember, if it’s not sustainable, it’s not going to work.

Healthy diet

Sure, we all have some things we just can’t get rid of, but there are always healthier alternatives for the food we eat. Having a healthy diet that will keep you fueled throughout the day and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function will make sure you have enough energy for all planned workouts while not leaving any excess to be stored.

Try to get in as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you can. Smoothies, salads, salsas and baked veggies are great for this. If chips are your weakness, consider making your own vegetable chips and having them instead. Cooking at home for yourself is the ideal way to control your calorie and nutritional intake. Try to avoid any processed foods, since they are often full of sodium and fats. If your goal is to build up muscles, then you are going to need a lot of protein, since it is the building block of our bodies.

Protein can be found in many food groups, but you can boost it further by drinking protein drinks that will help you get through your routine and help repair your muscles afterwards. Another crucial part of a healthy diet is making sure you are getting your probiotics in – usually through yogurt. They maintain your gut, which is where the majority of your immunity comes from.

Find a workout you love

You will never be able to stick to something you don’t love doing. This is why forcing yourself to go to CrossFit just because you heard it’s a good way to get in shape is a bad idea. You will feel miserable doing it and you will give up before you know it. And in reality, no matter what you do, if the intensity is high enough, you will be burning calories and toning your muscles. Think about activities you enjoyed doing as a kid. Was it a team sport, playing catch or dancing around?

That is a good starting point. Look for something that brings you joy and gets you moving at the same time. You should also try to incorporate as much movement in your daily life as you can. If you work in an office and you have an internal chat, turn it off and walk over to the colleague you need to talk to. If you take the bus to work, get off two stops earlier and walk the rest of the way, or simply bike there. Use stairs instead of elevators whenever you can and try to use your breaks to go for a walk.

Don’t do it alone

If you are trying to get in shape by yourself, you won’t get nearly as far as you would if you had a buddy – or even better, a group – doing the same thing alongside you. Ask your friends and family if any of them have plans to get in shape before summer and team up. If you don’t have anyone in your surroundings, join a group class in a nearby gym and find someone there that you can connect with. Plan meals together and hold each other accountable for attending workouts and sticking to a regime.

When you know that someone is waiting for you to go for a morning run, you will have the extra motivation to do it yourself. For some people, it is best to work out with someone who is at the same fitness level as they are, as they might be intimidated or discouraged by working out next to someone who is much fitter.

However, for others, having someone fitter seeing them through their journey and supporting them is the best motivation they can have because they have their goal right there next to them (even though you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people).

Remember that the most important thing is how you feel: think strong, not skinny. You want to be healthy and full of stamina, not just stick-thin.

Work towards a body you can see yourself living in, not just the one you will be showing off at the beach, and you will get to your destination. The most important part is that you feel happy in your body and that you are satisfied with it, so set your goals accordingly.