EPA Announces Allowable Radioactive Element Increase In Drinking Water

EPA Announces Allowable Radioactive Element Increase In Drinking Water

Every so often a quiet governmental announcement is made so as not to stir panic amongst the masses. Most of the time these decisions are considered prudent and necessary for the greater good. Other times it is a covert attempt at appeasing a political and/or corporate backed decision regardless of collateral damage that may ensue.

This may be the case with a statement recently released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It states that in the event of a nuclear national emergency the amount of allowable radioactive concentrations in drinking water are to increase up to 3,000 times more than currently permissible. It is still not understood why such a substantial increase has been implemented but many are speculating conspiracies that sound right out of a Hollywood movie.

Environmental activists are firing back that not only would this amount of radiation definitely cause cancer in humans but that it may also be a way for the nuclear energy industry to legally release more radioactivity into the environment.


The Protective Action Guide (PAG) is the manual that the EPA has developed for local and state authorities to follow in the case of a radiological calamity such as a nuclear accident, dirty bomb or larger scale attack.

The EPA describes PAG as,

“The Protective Action Guide (PAG) manual contains radiation dose guidelines that would trigger public safety measures, such as evacuation or staying indoors, to minimize or prevent radiation exposure during an emergency. EPA developed Protective Action Guides to help responders plan for radiation emergencies.”

Think Progress reports that,

“…environmentalists question the move, saying the PAG would allow people to drink water hundreds to thousands of times more radioactive than what is now legal.”

A Protective Measure in Sheep’s Clothing

These guidelines are allegedly based on scientific evidence that during such an emergency it would enable the population to safely drink radioactive tainted water.

Critics of PAG say otherwise, stating various comments that point the finger at a variety of theories why such a drastic, dangerous increase would be allowable.

Some include:

“…the [nuclear] industry really wants to be able to release more radioactivity and not be responsible for it.”  – Diane D’Arrigo, a project director at the Nuclear Information and Resource Service

“It is inconceivable that [the] EPA could now quietly propose allowing enormous increases in radioactive contamination with no action to protect the public.”  – Catherine Thomasson, executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility

“…the allowable exposure now being pushed by the EPA is equivalent to 250 chest X-Rays in a single year” – ECO Watch

“The only scientists that currently work for the EPA today are those who are willing to abandon real science and distort all their research and findings for political purposes. Privately, they will all tell you that no real science is tolerated at the EPA.” – Natural News

“Given this monstrous proposal, it is unclear what lessons EPA learned from the contaminated water calamity of Flint, Michigan,” – Jeff Ruch, executive director for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

In addition to these comments, some believe such an increase would rid the emergency area of as many of the remaining populous leaving more drinking water for less to consume.

What to Do

Drinking water will be the next natural resource human challenge after alternative energy finally solves the fossil fuel crisis. So much of your water is being irresponsibly used that eventually it will become a diminishing reserve that cannot be wasted.

In the case of a nuclear incident, rather than trust the allowable drinking water safety as determined by the EPA, there are some things you can do to prevent such reliance.

  • Obtain a filter that removes all toxins including radioactive isotopes, such as cesium, strontium and uranium. One such filter advertised is called the Big Berkey.
  • If you have the room, store drinking water on your property with at least a 50 day supply.
  • Store iodine capsules which protect against radioactive poisoning


As much as we all would like to put our trust in the leadership that surrounds us, for whatever reasons, some intentions may be thwarted. Stay vigilant in the event of any emergency, nuclear or otherwise, always remaining clear headed, free of any type of panic which is always a sure deterrent and skeptical of what the powers to be tell you.