COVID Immunity

COVID Immunity

There is not enough attention being given to the many ways you can build your immune system. When it comes to living amongst the constant threat of COVID-19, masks, social distancing, and sanitizing are essential. Yet, shouldn’t the same go for boosting one of your most powerful tools against this disease? 

A recent study looked at how the virus affected various immune systems, not just those that are compromised. As science continues to astound with safe vaccines developed by surpassing bureaucracy and getting it to the public fast, now is the opportunity to create a paradigm shift in the social lens when it comes to the immune system. 

COVID immunity is possible by embracing a united populous that gets the message of how to turn up the immune system to full throttle through not only vaccines but natural means as well.

Blood Vessel Health

Healthier blood vessels means your highways are clear for immune cell transport. The less fat and other compounds that could be lining these vessels means more optimal flow. It is believed that the virus affects children less due to clear, strong blood vessels, particularly in the endothelial tissue which lines blood vessels. 

The British Medical Journal recently reported on a study by Australian and Swiss researchers which found that,

“Although there are several hypotheses for why children are less affected by COVID-19, with the notable exception of age-related changes in immune and endothelial/clotting function, most do not explain the observed age-gradient in COVID-19 with severity and mortality rising steeply after the age of 60 to 70 years.”

One way to increase your immune system function is to begin to help your body clear possibly compromised blood vessels through a plant-based diet. 

The study, ‘A Plant-Based Diet, Atherogenesis, and Coronary Artery Disease Prevention’ published in the Permanente Journal concluded that,

“Elevating levels of blood polyphenols [a marker of fruit and vegetable consumption] and lowering blood TMAO [a marker for red meat consumption] levels by eating a plant-based diet may promote health of VECs [vascular endothelial cells] and prevent atherosclerotic CADs. [coronary artery diseases] by at least three different proposed mechanisms.” 

Lower your animal product intake and increase your DGLVs (dark green leafy vegetables), garlic, legumes and brown rice to start. Your immune system will fire up in no time giving you a good force field against COVID-19. 


The recent study, ‘Immune response to SARS-CoV-2 in the nasal mucosa in children and adults’ concluded that,

“Our findings support the hypothesis that differences in the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 determine disease severity, independent of viral load and interferon response at the primary infection primary site.”

Eating a plant-based diet can work hand-in-hand with supplementation to create the best COVID immunity you can control on your own. As the vaccine continues to be administered, staying vigilant with a proper personal protection protocol and clean diet can certainly be boosted with supplements such as Vitamin C or herbs like echinacea but there are other choices you may not associate with strengthening your immune response such as vitamin D3. 

According to Dr Petra Zimmermann from the University of Fribourg, 

“The overlap between risk factors for severe COVID-19 and vitamin D deficiency, including obesity, chronic kidney disease and being of black or Asian origin, suggests that vitamin D supplementation may play a role in helping prevent or treat COVID-19,”

Other excellent immune boosting supplements include: (note: cooking with some of these herbs such as the medicinal mushrooms can be considered supplementation):

  • Black elderberry
  • Medicinal mushrooms: cordyceps, lion’s mane, shitake, reishi, turkey tail and maitake 
  • Astragalus
  • Licorice (not the candy)
  • Andrographis – Healthline reports, “This herb contains andrographolide, a terpenoid compound found to have antiviral effects against respiratory-disease-causing viruses, including enterovirus D68 and influenza A”

Stick to high antioxidant foods, powerful immune boosting vitamins as well as herbal supplements, and maintaining a good exercise program to get the natural COVID immunity you need. Add in an easy meditation program too as studies show that even just five minutes of quietly sitting and letting your thoughts diminish can be highly significant against immune compromising stress. In due time this virus will subside but there may be others on the horizon that you will need to be ready to protect yourself from and it is your immune system that is your best defense.