Benefits of Outdoor Fitness for Your Health

Benefits of Outdoor Fitness for Your Health

Working out in the great outdoors – is there anything more liberating and fun? Going to the gym has its benefits as well, but when the sun is shining brightly and the weather outside is beautiful, there is really nothing to keep you cooped up indoors. It’s time to take your fitness game to the next level by allowing nature to be your own gym.

The best part is that outdoor training offers a myriad of health benefits, ranging from physical strength and endurance to psychological and emotional well-being. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the biggest health benefits of outdoor fitness.

Battling stress and anxiety

We live in a fast-paced, hectic world and more often than not, our daily life is encumbered with stressful chores, challenges and problems we would rather avoid than face head-on. This creates tension and stress deep within your mind, body and soul, setting the stage for numerous health problems down the road.

This is where outdoor exercise comes in as one of the best natural stress remedies. The simple act of getting outside and away from the troubles of everyday life for an hour can do wonders for your overall mood. So be sure to put your phone on airplane mode and devote that one hour to yourself.

Improving your cardiovascular endurance

Cardio is extremely important, especially when trying to overcome the modern sedentary lifestyle and actually getting your respective derriere in shape. Not only does cardio influence your health positively in a myriad of ways, but it also helps burn unwanted fat when complemented with the right diet choices.

You can opt for traditional, steady-state cardio and go out for a jog or a lengthy run in the park, or you can take your cardio training to the next level and try HIIT (High-Intensity-Interval-Training). HIIT training has proven itself as a better fat burner than traditional cardio, and it’s more time-efficient, so it’s definitely worth giving it a shot.

It’s actually fun and engaging

Outdoor training is fun, challenging, stimulating and most importantly, it’s engaging. Enough with the boring gym routines, now’s the time to spice up your workouts and challenge your body in a completely different way. Sure, cycling, running and blading are fun, but skateboarding is the new craze that is bound to steal your heart.

Remember, though, not all boards were created equal, and some are more suited for urban exercise than others. So, consider an all-around option such as a 32 inch cruiser skateboard so that you can take your ride across all terrains. Skating is an excellent full-body workout, as it engages your core, your entire lower body through eccentric and concentric contraction, and also your upper body with static (isometric) contraction. Plus, it will bring out the kid in you – what more could you ask for?

It lets you soak in the sunshine

The majority of 21st century earthlings don’t get enough sun exposure on a daily basis. Your local climate conditions notwithstanding, there is a need to get out more and try to soak in as many healthful rays as possible. As little as 15 minutes of sun exposure is enough to give you your daily dose of vitamin D, in turn helping your body stay vibrant, healthy and young.

It’s a social experience in a natural setting

Humans are social creatures, and if fitness should serve a secondary purpose other than making you healthier, it should be to reconnect you with your fellow humans and Mother Earth itself. So why spend time in a dull gym setting when you could be out and about exercising with your friends in a beautiful natural environment, listening to the rustling of the leaves and feeling the gentle vibrations of the earth? Truly a rejuvenating experience.

Outdoor fitness is becoming increasingly popular in the modern, fast-paced world, as mindful individuals are looking for ways to reconnect with themselves, improve their overall health and build a happy, positive mindset. So grab your gear, walk past the gym and head straight to the park for a workout session your mind, body and soul are bound to love!