8 Ways Mandarin Essential Oil Benefits Your Health

8 Ways Mandarin Essential Oil Benefits Your Health

Essential oils have literally become essential in the present day. The most vital part of essential oils is its essential elements that are directly extracted from plants.

The basic characteristic of essential oil is its aroma. With one sniff, you will feel nature around you as it stimulates areas of your limbic system, which is involved in memory forming. There are around 100 types of essential oils, each with a unique smell.

Mandarin essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils. It is extracted from mandarin orange, a citrus fruit that has a thin peel and much sweeter than any ordinary citrus fruit.

Although there are other essential oils as well that are extracted from citrus fruits, mandarin is among the best ones. The botanical name of mandarin is citrus reticulata.

There are many ways or methods in which essential oils are extracted. Some of them include steam distillation, water distillation, solvent extraction, co2 extraction, maceration, enfleurage, etc.

Mandarin essential oil is obtained through cold press extraction. The parts which are typically used to extract the essential oils from the citrus fruits are the rind or peel or zest. The color of pure mandarin essential oil, when no chemical additive is added is greenish-yellow. Since it is collected from citrus fruits, it has a sweet and citrusy aroma.

Mandarin essential oil is one of those essential oils which is enjoyed by people of every age because it has a very medium strength aroma that is neither too strong nor too light and does not give a headache. 

Some Facts About Mandarin Essential Oil

  • Mandarin essential oil is extracted through the cold-pressed method. This method is one of the most traditional methods which was also used by our ancestors, and it does not let go of any essential substance and therefore are more abundant in nutrition.

  • The mandarin citrus plants are a native of China. Chinese have been using it since traditional times, and as we all know, China is very well known for its traditional beauty and massage therapies.

  • There have been traditional medicinal uses of mandarin oils in countries like China, India, and Europe against chest pain, cirrhosis of the liver, hiccups, etc. In France, the peel was used to treat indigestion in young children.

  • The primary chemical components of mandarin oil are limonene, citral, myrcene, terpineol, geranial, sabinene.

  • There are two types of mandarin essential oils. One is a green mandarin essential oil, which is extracted from unripe fruits, and the other is red mandarin, which is extracted from the ripe fruit. Both of these types of mandarin essential oils have their own benefits.

  • Not every mandarin oil that you get in the market is pure. Many adulterated oils have chemicals in them to increase their quantity and make it eye-catching. Always go for the pure mandarin essential oils, which will have a very citrusy along with the sweet smell. The color of the pure form of mandarin essential oil is subtle and not too bright.
  • Essential oils should never be used internally because they have oil as their carriers. It can cause an internal imbalance of the body.

  • One can use mandarin essential oil with orange, lime, lavender, cinnamon, sandalwood, chamomile, neroli, clary sage, grapefruit, and basil essential oil. It blends well with these. One thing to be noted here is that you should never combine this oil with something that you cannot apply to your skin or inhale or generally harmful or something that you specifically are allergic to.

Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil for Health

Mandarin orange is not only flavorful, it is also great for health. This bright-colored tangy fruit has a bunch of health benefits – from dealing with nightmares to boosting brain power.

A close cousin of tangerine, mandarin essential oil is unique as it offers a variety of uses such as aromatherapy, relaxing the mind, pain management and improving skin texture. Here are some awesome benefits of mandarin essential oil for health and skin.

Helps in Recurring Nightmares

It is a well-known fact that mandarin essential oil helps with the problem of insomnia because the aroma of this oil helps in soothing and relaxation. This oil also helps in dealing with anxiety as it calms down the nerve senses. When you get rid of anxiety, you automatically feel better because the aroma of this mandarin oil will make you feel relax and enables you to sleep as your mind rests. One essential aspect is that mandarin essential oil helps in getting rid of nightmares. Nightmares can be really worse. Not only do they interrupt your sleep, but they also give you mental trauma. This oil promotes a relaxed state, even in a deep sleep. Using this oil before bed will provide immediate results and help the unresting mind to rest. Continuous use can permanently cure these two traits.

Treats various health problems

Ayurvedic science gives very much importance to mandarin essential oil because it helps in treating nervous tension, stress, mental exhaustion, digestive issues, and many skin problems. It is considered as a safe alternative to medicines for treating indigestion, strengthening the liver and digestive system of children and aged as the rich and tangy citrus aroma promotes digestion and stimulates the flow of bile and other digestive juices because it contains dietary fibers. This method has been in use since traditional times and has taken modern form now, but it is used in the same old traditional method.

Boosts brain power

Mandarin essential oil has soothing and sedative properties that help in relaxing the mind and boosting self-confidence. This characteristic aids in increasing productivity, decreasing the stress level, and you will feel as if all your sensory nerves have opened up. It is one of the best essential oils extensively used for aromatherapy. Its sweet and citrusy aroma works on the brain, nerves, which boosts up memory power and fills positivity inside the mind.

Relieves from spasms

We often experience spasmodic pain such as bronchial, muscle and esophageal spasms. These types of pain can be irritating and take a toll on the quality of life. Mandarin essential oil, being an antispasmodic, can help you to relieve the pain caused by spasms.

Full of vitamin C

This sweet-citrusy essential oil is rich in vitamin C. One of the main features of vitamin C is that it helps in fighting bacterial infection, which results in acne and pimples. Therefore, using this essential oil on the skin helps in getting clearer and healthy-looking skin.

You can also add a few drops of this essential oil in the bathtub to enjoy a luxuriously sweet and aromatic bath, which will also result in healthier skin. Just adding this very step in your bath time can give you amazing without investing much. This feature also helps in generating new cells as it repairs the wounds and scars.

Lifts up the mood

Mandarin essential oil unique oil has mood uplifting properties, it has a sweet aroma, and therefore, these are also used as perfumes. It has limonene, which makes it a great cleanser. It also improves the lymph system and blood circulation as it opens them up.

Acts as a chemopreventive

The mandarin essential oil act as a chemopreventive. It has a very high amount of d-limonene content that helps in the prevention of growth and spread of cancer cells, especially lung and liver cancer, and also helps in increasing the longevity of life post-cancer treatment. These results were found when an in-vitro experiment was conducted.

Curbs infections

As this oil has a high content of vitamin C, which is anti-bacterial and has antiseptic properties, this helps keep bacteria and germ off the hair scalp and also prevents lice and other parasites. The oil is non-toxic and therefore acts as a conditioner and does not rip off your hair from natural hair oils and nutrients. By massaging the mandarin oil on your scalp, you can increase the blood circulation to your scalp, which will generate new hair follicles as more nutrients and oxygen will flow to the hair follicles with the blood.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, the mandarin essential oil is beneficial for your skin, health, and entire smooth functioning of your system. It is not only a beauty product but a natural remedy that helps to cure many severe conditions like insomnia and problems of nightmares.

This is a proven fact that mandarin essential oil actually helps in balancing out your whole system.  It will give you a luxurious, heavenly feel when you use it for your pampering days at the weekends to give yourself relief from the hectic weekdays by adding it to your bathwater. It helps in opening up your pores, and the whole body absorbs the nutrients released from the oil.

From acting as a luxury item, this oil has excellent benefits, and those are life-changing as well. A sound sleep is a must to let your life go on smoothly, and it does precisely that. Anyone can use this traditional method of soothing and uplifting themselves.