6 Reasons You May Be Cold

6 Reasons You May Be Cold

Sure, there are cold people with icy hearts and if you are one of these, get some therapy. However if you are a warm hearted person that constantly experiences chills, there could be a variety of explanations of why this is happening.

You may be the type that was constantly told, “cold feet, warm heart”. You may touch people and have them jump from your frigid clutch or you could be one that gets a wave of chills, constantly battling low body temperature. These 6 reasons you may be cold could offer a clue so you can remedy your chilly core and turn the heat back on.

Heater and Thermostat

The human thyroid and pituitary glands work together to maintain proper internal heat. Referred to by the American Thyroid Association as the body’s heater and thermostat, when these become unbalanced so too can your core temperature. Think of the thyroid as a coal burning oven running an old time train. If, for some reason, this oven is not producing enough heat the pituitary glands are alerted to send out TSH, thyroid stimulating hormones which keeps the body temperature regulated.

Having your thyroid checked by a doctor could be an essential first step in remedying your challenge with always being cold. This can be done by taking medication or seeing a naturopathic doctor about natural alternatives that may work.

Iron It Out

You could have low iron levels which are notorious for driving down core temperature. Iron is essential in assisting red blood cells with oxygen transportation. These “loaded” cells include all the ingredients for maintaining systemic heat levels. When iron is low, this process becomes sluggish and you start looking for the nearest blanket.

Low iron has also been associated with Raynaud’s disease which narrows extremity blood vessels impeding circulation and causing coldness.

Do not attempt to take iron supplements without consulting your doctor first as some side effects could result such as constipation and pharmaceutical contraindication.

Count Sheep

If you take sleep for granted getting less than seven hours a night may be your cold culprit. In the brain, the hypothalamus is the captain of a variety of systemic functions including temperature control. When the brain is deprived of an adequate amount of sleep (about 7-9 hours) the hypothalamus can become sluggish, resulting in a drop in body temperature.

According to the conclusion of a study published in Sleep: A joint publication of the Sleep Research Society and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (Vol 35, Issue 12),

“Importantly, our findings suggest that sleep deprivation affects the coordination between skin blood flow fluctuations and the baroreceptor-mediated cardiovascular regulation that prevents venous pooling of blood in the lower limbs when there is the orthostatic challenge of an upright posture.”

Drink Up

Water is the healthiest beverage choice yet many people still choose soda, fruit juice, and other processed, sweetened drinks instead. With roughly 60% of your body made up of water, not getting enough may result in a variety of systemic challenges including constant cold.

Many people feel the opposite as they think water lowers their body temperature. This may temporarily be the case when gulping an ice cold glass but when you hydrate correctly, water acts as a “heat trapper,” regulating a slow release.

Try drinking 5 to 8 glasses per day. It is best at room temperature with some fresh lemon squeezed in.

Put On Your Muscle Coat

According to Margarita Rohr, MD, internist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, maintaining a good musculature helps keep body temperature firing on all cylinders. In addition, working on your muscles by lifting free weights not only makes them strong and toned but allows for a solid metabolism which is essential in avoiding that chilly feeling which can often be hard to shake no matter what you do.

The Female Core

Women are notorious for being ultra sensitive to cold. Most will often complain of feeling chilly and needing an extra layer just to make it through a movie, dinner or an innocent walk around the block.

This is because women naturally store their core heat where it matters most, at vital organs such as the brain and heart. Time magazine reports that a University of Utah study found that although women had a slightly higher core body temperature than men, their hands came in at an average of 2.8 degrees cooler.

These 6 reasons you may be cold will hopefully remind you to listen to your body and avoid unnecessary bouts with that deep, uncomfortable chill. Also, if you continue to struggle with temperature challenges check with your doctor to make sure your body isn’t dealing with something more serious.