5 Reasons to Try A Colonic

5 Reasons to Try A Colonic

Humans are pretty clean. Constant bathing, primping, picking and scent masking are some of the many cleanliness habits practiced. However, no one ever talks about the next best cleansing product for their colon. Yup, that’s right, your large intestines which has a real dirty job but remains ignored by most.

For centuries humans have been cleaning out their colons reaping observed beneficial results but when modern society emerged, the practice fell to the wayside as another ancient alternative treatment. Although suspect by some scientific studies, others tout utilizing colonic hydrotherapy which may help with various health challenges or catapult you into a new health regiment you’ve been wanting to start.

The colonic hydrotherapy process is described here by Renegade Health,

“…a colon therapist infuses water, possibly enriched with other natural elements, into the rectum to clean or flush out the entire length of the colon.”

Here are 5 reasons to try a colonic to see if you can take advantage of some its many benefits that may work for you.

Intestinal Support

Years of a subpar diet or just wear and tear on the colon, some believe, may accumulate embedded toxins. Colonic hydrotherapy attempts to “wash out” caked waste on the interior colon walls alleging to be able to allow more optimal permeation and absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream.


Being unable to pass a healthy bowel movement can cause bloating and feelings of unease. A colonic may be able to assist other methods such as additional fiber to encourage healthy flow. By stimulating the colon some people report immediate relief.

A 2008 study published in the British Journal of Surgery concluded that,

“Retrograde colonic irrigation is an undervalued but effective alternative treatment for intractable defecation disorders.”

Weight Loss

There is only observational evidence of how a colonic protocol may help with your weight loss regiment. However, many colonic patients report weight loss assistance so it may make sense to you even if science doesn’t corroborate.

The theory is that most people consume too much processed food and therefore receive minimal fiber intake. Fiber is essential for optimal digestion and elimination and when this is compromised, weight loss may be difficult. Colonic hydrotherapy could help clear the colon of processed food matter lingering in the gut and, along with more fiber intake, may jumpstart optimal flow again.


“Poisoning by a toxin formed within the body itself” is the definition of autointoxication. This has been a theory for centuries with Egyptians citing it as putrefaction of the stools. It is described that as stool sits in the colon, toxins in feces absorb into the bloodstream causing illness.

Colonic hydrotherapy is used to rid the body of putrefying stool, particularly meat which may be a major culprit in autointoxication. Meat takes longer to digest than plant based foods so some believe that if meat is eaten regularly it can build up and sit in the colon for days.

In a study of intestinal autointoxication by researchers at the Department of Pathology, East Orange Veterans Administration Medical Center, NJ, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology it was stated that,

“During the 19th century, the early biochemical and bacteriologic studies lent credence to the idea of ptomaine poisoning–that degradation of protein in the colon by anerobic bacteria generated toxic amines. Among the leading proponents of autointoxication was Metchnikoff, who hypothesized that intestinal toxins shortened lifespan.”

Multiple Sclerosis and Other Illness

When your body is challenged with serious illness colonic hydrotherapy may help with digestion, elimination, incontinence, and your overall health outlook. One study of patients struggling with multiple sclerosis reported a variety of positive effects that may encourage applying colonics to other people afflicted by disease.

Published in Diseases of the Colon and Rectum (10/12) researchers from the GI Physiology Unit, University College London Hospital, London, United Kingdom stated,

“Constipation and fecal incontinence affect 68% of patients with multiple sclerosis, but management is empirical. Transanal irrigation [colonic] has been used successfully in patients with neurogenic bowel dysfunction.”

The study concluded that,

“Transanal irrigation is effective to treat bowel symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis. Responders (53%) had higher baseline incontinence symptoms and better perception of their health, as well as a more capacious and compliant rectum.”

Hopefully you will experience one or more of these 5 reasons to try a colonic. Remember, it is important to use a licensed professional colon therapist practicing in a sterilized, certified environment. There are some minor risks and side effects involved but overall it is a safe procedure that you should be guided through every step of the way.