5 Negative Calorie Weight Loss Foods

5 Negative Calorie Weight Loss Foods

When surrounded by food, advertisements for food, or people who always want to give you food, weight loss is one of the most challenging commitments. Add in a society that embraces young, thin, good looking people and keeping it off can turn into a stressful path that makes so many people give up.

If you’re trying to drop a few pounds or several sizes, these 5 negative calorie weight loss foods could be the best things to grab to stave off hunger. Negative calorie is referred to here as “meaning your body actually burns more calories digesting them than they contain.” (Natural News)

It is important to note that speeding to an end result may lead to a rapid relapse. Take your time with the proper protocol because weight loss is a conjoined effort of a variety of tools to take it off and keep it off. Shortcuts don’t work.

Be sure to increase aerobic as well as muscle building exercises during and after your weight loss regiment and always check in with your doctor along the way. Once you reach your target weight, keep these negative calorie foods on your list and, going forward, continue to eat live, unprocessed foods for a permanently slimmer, healthier, “in-your-face-society” you.


This underrated, sometimes sneered at vegetable looks like a brain for a reason. It’s a smart, fiber-filled, 77% daily recommended allowance of vitamin C powerhouse that is linked to helping prevent diabetes as well as ovarian, prostate, and cervical cancers.

Best of all it contains no fat and makes you feel full which is why it is also an excellent way to prevent weight gain. At 100 grams (about 1 cup), cauliflower is only 25 calories making chewing and digesting this cruciferous player a high energy output activity.


Here’s another unsung hero of the vegetable world that aside from making urine smell weird contains no fat and plenty of nutrients.

Live Science reports that, according to San Diego-based nutritionist Laura Flores,

“Asparagus is high in anti-inflammatory nutrients as well as provides a wide variety of antioxidant nutrients, including vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and the minerals zinc, manganese and selenium,”

In addition, cauliflower contains vitamin K, folate, asparagine, an amino acid; chromium, an insulin balancing mineral; and glutathione, a detoxifying compound. All of these nutrients combined play a significant role in healthy weight loss. Asparagus boasts a measly 20 calories per 100 grams so breaking it down may easily burn more than that.


Papaya sports an interesting taste that mixes well in smoothies. It’s not the sweetest of fruits but does have a low calorie rating of about 43 per 100 grams. This is actually good for a fruit which can sometimes go up in calories due to high sugar content.

However, the most impressive talents of papaya are it’s ability to enhance digestion with its unique enzyme makeup that also burns calories in the process. It also helps constipation and high cholesterol with its abundant fiber content. Good digestion and good elimination equals a weight loss friend.


Celery also gets an “eh” when asked if people like it, but smear on some peanut butter, fat-free dairy-free cream cheese, or avocado for starters and it kicks this crunchy treat up a notch. Celery is high in water content, and as a snack, a few of these fiber rich stalks can keep hunger (and potentially accumulated fat) at bay all day. Add in the calories burned just chewing it and it’s a win-win.


Right up there with celery, cucumbers contain plenty of water, making these an excellent low calorie (16 per 100 grams) food that also assists in systemic detoxification.

Plus, a cucumber contains about 1/2 a gram of protein, a good amount of vitamin B, some vitamin A, C, iron and calcium as well as a good source of fiber. Interestingly, some deem cucumbers as a member of the fruit family given its seed content.

Try these 5 negative calorie foods which just may assist in your weight loss mission. By revving up your digestive process to the point where your body burns extra energy, these foods could very well utilize fat reserves which may, along with exercise, help slim you down.