5 Natural Topical Remedies to Combat Baldness

5 Natural Topical Remedies to Combat Baldness

If you’re feeling a breeze on your head that you never felt before, then you could slowly be going bald. It’s okay, bald took a turn a few years back when men started shaving their heads and embracing the full no-hair look (sorry ladies, there’s no Michael Jordan for you).

Yet, if you’re not ready to let go of your locks you may want to try these 5 natural topical remedies to combat baldness, especially if you are in the beginning stages.

Don’t Cry, Apply

It’s onion juice that some swear can help alleviate baldness and, according to not only observational studies but some actual research too, it just may work.

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Dermatology found that an impressive 74% of those who applied onion juice to their scalp reported new hair growth. Application was twice daily for two months concluding that,

“The present study showed that the use of crude onion juice gave significantly higher results with regard to hair re-growth than did tap water, and that it can be an effective topical therapy for patchy alopecia aerate [a hair loss condition].”

Some believe that the high sulfur content in onion juice stimulates blood circulation to hair follicles while reducing any microscopic inflammation that may be impeding hair growth at the same time.

Onion juice can be prepared by juicing or blending fresh onions into a pulpy paste . Apply with a fine brush or disposable makeup sponge. There may be an odor as some recommend wearing a shower cap in consideration of other noses.

Hello Again Vera

Yup, once again aloe vera comes to the healing stage and this time it may be a hair growth hero. There is a small batch of studies that indicate positive hair growth as a result of applying aloe vera gel to bald patches on both genders.

Research in Proceedings of The Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine cites success in the lab,

“According to the Spanish study ‘Effect of Mucopolysaccharides On Hair Growth In Rabbits’, mucopolysaccharides [long chains of sugar molecules that are found throughout the body, often in mucus and in fluid around the joints] also has moisturizing properties and improve blood circulation, which are necessary aspects for healthy hair.”

For some, aloe vera can be pleasant smelling while others consider it odor-free. It also has a sticky absorption time. Best if applied from the cut leaf of a fresh aloe vera plant, gently squeezed and rubbed onto the affected area however a good health food store will carry fresh, bottled gel which is the next best thing

The Quick List

With so many natural remedies to combat baldness, below is a quick list of some of the best ones you can add to the top two, onion juice and aloe vera.

  • Green Tea – Famous for its high antioxidant compounds, topical application of green tea may help activate your hair follicles. The mechanism is believed to be in the tea’s natural catechins and saponins, powerful botanical polyphenols thought to be able to slough away free radicals just below the scalp surface by regenerating healthy cells back into hair production. Using a cotton ball, dab cooled green tea or green tea extract onto bald spots twice daily for six to twelve months to see progress.
  • Coconut Oil – Unpasteurized, fresh coconut oil or coconut milk directly applied to hair loss areas has shown significant anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial results. All three of these could be the cause of hair loss. Apply coconut as a paste by mixing with plain flour and cover with a shower cap before bed for six to twelve months.
  • Indian Gooseberry – There is some evidence that hair loss may be associated with low levels of vitamin C both systemically and in hair samples. Some suggest increasing vitamin C supplements (ester-C is best) and topical applications. One botanical that has some observational study is Amia, also known as Indian gooseberry, which holds a high amount of vitamin C able to sustain a transdermal transport. Recommended dosage is a tablespoon of crushed Amia mixed with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, applied and left overnight. Liquid vitamin C may also help when directly applied however some brands may irritate the skin.

These 5 natural topical remedies to combat baldness it just may help if things are thinning up top. Maybe, if you catch it early and without side effects from using certain prescription options, you’ll be able to strengthen your mane. In few years those shedding their strands just may look at you with wonder and envy as your real hair blows in the wind.