5 Natural Tips for Gray Hair

5 Natural Tips for Gray Hair

Most people would rather avoid gray hair. It is the quintessential mark of growing old and in a world that caters to the ways of youthful whims, growing old or at least looking old, may not be easily embraced.

Therefore, many folks, especially women, will do all they can to cover up creeping grays with expensive dying techniques. However, these 5 natural tips for gray hair may help you prevent and in some cases even reverse those pesky grays.

With some patience, over time, you just may be the one in the room everyone is trying to figure out what age you really are or swear you dye your hair while you just smile and tell them it’s all natural.

Symptoms to Consider

Before using these 5 natural tips for gray hair it is important to know that premature gray could be caused by certain health conditions. These are: celiac disease, endocrine (thyroid) imbalance, or pernicious anemia. Talk to your doctor about being tested for these.

The B Factor

Research has shown that a deficiency in certain B vitamins may be a cause of graying.

“In a two-year study conducted by the Department of Dermatology at University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden, researchers discovered that folic acid [B9], vitamin B12 (also called cobalamin) and sun exposure could help encourage re-pigmentation of the skin and hair.”

Talk to your doctor about adding a B complex supplement to your diet.

Mineral Mender

Believe it or not, the mineral copper plays a major factor in hair color. It assists in the production of melanin and it has been found that individuals who are low in copper could fall prey to premature gray hair.

Include more dark leafy greens, avocados, blackstrap molasses nuts, beans and tomatoes into your diet to gain more copper and hopefully prevent gray hair. A copper supplement can be taken but talk to your doctor first.

Colorful Tears 

An age old remedy for graying hair is the application of onion juice. It may sound nutty but onion juice contains high amounts of sulphur which has been found to kill germs, parasites and fungal infections all possible contributors to an unhealthy scalp.

Most importantly onion juice may remove hydrogen peroxide buildup, a major factor in gray hair development. Add in its ability to provide vitamins, minerals and enzymes to hair follicles and this just may be a win-win.

Crush or blend fresh white onion and massage into your scalp. Then, gently use a designated comb or brush to apply as well. Leave on for 30 minutes to a half hour and rinse.

Get the Right Sting

The tiny honeybee packs a huge punch when it comes to human health. For graying hair, bee pollen, which are the pollen clumps that fall off bees when re-entering the hive, could boost your immune system and repair cellular deficiencies that may contribute to premature hair graying.

According to Natural News (5/6/08),

“[Bee] Pollen also provides a high content of the immune boosting nucleics RNA (ribonucleic acid) and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)…Replenishing RNA-DNA is critical to every aspect of bodily health and longevity.”

If you are allergic to bees or honey do not take bee pollen.


Apple cider vinegar seems to be a cure all for so many ailments which includes gray hair. It is recommended to rinse your hair with a one to one solution of ACV and water then wrap in a towel and leave on for about an hour. Do this three to four times per week. If your hair or scalp feel dried out from this, add more water, conditioner and reduce to two to three times per week.

Do not use ACV if you dye your hair.

In such a toxic world it is no wonder so many more people are turning gray. Toxicity begets premature aging which includes a gray pate.

These 5 natural tips for gray hair are an example of some supplemental and dietary adjustments you may be able to make for successfully keeping or returning your hair color.