5 Homemade Ways to Naturally Treat a Minor Burn

5 Homemade Ways to Naturally Treat a Minor Burn

Experiencing any skin burn can be very painful. It is the kind of injury that seems to keep burning even after initial contact and takes much longer to heal than a conventional wound. Many who experience a mild to severe burn may develop scarring which, if treated early, could be avoided.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) each year approximately 1.1 million people suffer burns that require medical attention. 44% are from fire, 33% from wet heat, 9% from a hot source, 4% from electricity, 3% from chemicals and 7% from miscellaneous sources.

These 5 homemade ways to naturally treat a minor burn may help increase healing and reduce scarring with household remedies that have a long history of success. These can be applied to first and second degree burns such as sunburn or a slight touch of something hot like a boiling pot or hot toaster. However, third degree burns are much more serious and should receive immediate medical attention.

Spiky Solution 

The aloe vera plant contains properties that immediately act as an anti-inflammatory, soothing the skin upon application. The best source is the fresh plant itself where you can simply snip off a leaf and squeeze out the juice directly on to the affected area.

The plant is so strong it will heal where you cut the leaf and keep growing so having one in your home is like having your own natural burn medicine cabinet. If you don’t have an aloe vera plant, some supermarkets actually sell the long spiky leaves or you can purchase fresh aloe vera gel from a good health food store.

Golden Nectar

Honey is so potent that it has been found, unspoiled, alongside those buried in pyramids thousands of years ago. This golden nectar offers a long list of healing properties which include natural anti-exudative and wound debriding abilities.

An anti-exudative is the ability to prevent fluid from leaking out of blood vessels due to inflammation and being deposited into nearby tissue which could lead to disease. Wound debriding is being able to remove dead tissue and foreign material from a wound preventing microbes and other toxins from taking over.

In a study published in the Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters (3/31/14) it was concluded that,

“In evidence-based medicine, research and clinical studies have shown the efficiency of honey in superficial and partial thickness burns therapy, when compared to other dressing products, making it a viable option as a valuable topical agent in clinical practice.”

Raw honey has the most healing properties.

Not Just For Your Salad

Vinegar has long been a multi-use healing remedy that has made its way from ancient shamans to modern medicine cabinets. In the case of minor burns, it was long thought that water irrigation was best, however several studies show the benefits of applying a mild acid to neutralize the burn area.

One study was presented in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (May 2003 – Volume 111 – Issue 6) stating,

“The authors proposed that topical treatment of alkaline burns with a weak acid such as 5% acetic acid (i.e., household vinegar) would result in rapid tissue neutralization and reduction of injury in comparison to water irrigation alone.”

Green Relief

Another age old multi-use remedy is green tea. Famous for its variety of healing compounds that have been used for antioxidants to weight loss, green tea also shows potential topical use in alleviating burns.

In a study by researchers at the Department of Dermatology, Case Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology it was concluded that,

“Polyphenolic extracts of green tea are effective chemopreventive agents for many of the adverse effects of sunlight on human health and may thus serve as natural alternatives for photoprotection.”

The Purple Protector

Lavender is an aromatic purple plant that sends sweet smells across a garden all summer long. Used in many perfumes, creams, shampoos and other beauty products, the essential oil from this pungent botanical also holds some impressive healing properties. With antibiotic and analgesic (painkilling) properties lavender can be applied to a minor burn or sunburn for immediate healing and relief.

These 5 homemade ways to naturally treat a minor burn are easy ways to quickly solve a burn injury. For some, these applications may be enough but if pain and symptoms persist see a medical professional. In the meantime, try to keep one or more of these remedies in your home as they all have multi-use abilities.