5 Foods That Cleanse Your Liver

5 Foods That Cleanse Your Liver

Your liver is a veritable cleaning powerhouse. Everything you consume travels through it to either be put to good use or extracted from your system.

It is also the largest glandular organ in the body (the overall largest organ is your skin) which acts as your body’s ‘office-manager-multi-tasker’ performing over 200 systemic functions at the same time.

Some of these functions include storing nutrients (like iron), supplying glucose to the brain, blood clotting, neutralizing toxins and assisting in fighting or healing infections.

Why not keep this important organ firing on all cylinders by eating these 5 foods that cleanse your liver.


Japanese researchers of applied biological chemistry at Shizuoka University in Shizuoka, Japan found that avocados contain phytonutrient compounds which may enhance liver health and, in some cases, reduce liver damage.

Science Daily reports that,

“…the researchers fed 22 different fruits to a group of rats with liver damage caused by galactosamine, a powerful liver toxin. As measured by changes in the levels of specific liver enzymes, the avocado showed the most potent activity among these fruits in slowing liver damage,”

Two avocados per week are believed to possibly reverse liver damage within 30 days. For those concerned that avocados contain high fat it is important to know that this is monounsaturated fat, a ‘good fat’ which has been linked to reducing cholesterol.


Often touted as one of the best foods for brain function (hey, they even look like tiny brains), walnuts may also help cleanse and strengthen your liver.

These little treats contain high levels of the amino acid L-arginine; the powerful antioxidant glutathione; and omega-3 fatty acids.

All of these compounds assist in removing disease-causing ammonia from the liver as well as enhancing blood oxygenation.

Some liver detox formulas even contain extracts from the walnut shell hull which is also believed to contain powerful liver enhancing properties.

Eat a handful or two several times per week.


Your liver loves lemons. This fruit is an excellent liver cleanser complete with vitamin C, antioxidants and the ability to assist the liver in producing essential enzymes.

In addition, lemons act as an electrolyte replacement just as salts do without the harmful effects sodium can reap. This is why lemons are often recommended to those struggling with liver disease.

Try drinking room temperature filtered water with a squeeze of half an organic lemon each morning to keep your liver healthy. Add raw honey for a touch of sweetness and extra nutrition.

Turmeric (Curcumin)

This orange root which looks similar to ginger may be one of the most beneficial foods to cleanse your liver. It has been linked to act as a protector of the liver by preventing toxic destruction as well as regenerating damaged liver cells.

In a study by researchers at the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand and published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand (5/12), it was concluded that,

“Efficiency of curcumin treatment beneficially repaired and regenerated liver tissues of diabetic groups and also redeveloped the liver’s microvascular complications. These results optimistically demonstrated the potential use of curcumin as a novel therapeutic agent in liver pathology of diabetic rats.”

Turmeric can also assist in bile production, strengthen gall bladder function, and has shown to shrink engorged hepatic ducts.


Garlic is the superfood that keeps on getting better and when it comes to foods that cleanse your liver, garlic is a major player.

This is a root loaded with sulfur compounds capable of signaling the liver to release toxin flushing enzymes and also contains allicin and selenium which are two compounds proven to protect and detoxify the liver.

In a study by researchers at the Department of Pharmacology, National Research Centre, Tahrir St. Dokki, Egypt and published in Pharmacological Reports (March-April 2008) it was stated that,

“We can conclude that oral administration of either selenium or garlic produces a significant protection against liver and kidney damage induced by the HgCl(2) injection, but garlic appears to be more protective.”

Cut garlic and let sit for 5-10 minutes to allow its healing properties to ferment. Heat minimally so as not to destroy its potency.

Try these 5 foods that cleanse your liver to keep it in top shape so your body is able to release toxins and stay healthy.