4 Natural Remedies to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus

4 Natural Remedies to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus

As humans continue to struggle with antibiotic resistant bacterias, viruses such as the spreading coronavirus, continue to elude conventional medication across the board. There are pharmaceutical interventions that may be able to lessen or slow a virus but once you contract these pathologies they have to run their course. However, there are a variety of immune boosting options to choose from before you are afflicted and even if you are, these remedies may help lessen the severity and duration of a viral illness. 

When it comes to the rapidly spreading strain currently wreaking intense concern across the globe, you just may be able to use these 4 natural remedies to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

Signs and Symptoms

The coronavirus has allegedly been crossed over to humans due to the consumption of wild animals such as snakes and bats within the Wuhan, Hubei province of China. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), common signs of infection include, 

“…respiratory symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. Rarer, more severe cases can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and in the most extreme, death.”

While this is a very serious virus there have been several coronaviruses before it such as the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus. Although WHO has declared the coronavirus a public health emergency, America has a good offensive at this time with a vaccine to hopefully emerge soon. 

In the meantime, these 4 natural remedies to protect yourself from the coronavirus may do everything possible to boost your immune system and reduce exterior risk. 

Oregano Oil

You may scoff at consuming something that tastes like you just ate a slice of pizza, but oregano oil has been a long used antiviral remedy with excellent results. This oil contains the compound carvacrol which is linked to fighting viruses on a pharmaceutical level. 

According to a study by researchers from the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science, The University of Arizona, published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, 

“carvacrol reduced the activity of murine norovirus (MNV) within 15 minutes of exposure”

Oregano oil can be taken under your tongue or mixed in a small amount of water two to three times per day. Side effects may include a spicy flavor and belching up a slight oregano taste.


Don’t skip over a garlic remedy if you think it’s going to make your breath or body smell. Many companies offer garlic capsules with the compound that causes its offensive scent removed. That said, garlic is a major player in fighting virus strains. 

Healthline reports that,

“In a study in 23 adults with warts caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), applying garlic extract to affected areas twice daily eliminated the warts in all of them after 1–2 weeks…Animal and test-tube studies indicate that garlic enhances immune system response by stimulating protective immune cells, which may safeguard against viral infections.”

Take garlic capsules daily following dosage instructions and add garlic to your cooking for additional protection. 

Black Elderberry (Sambucus)

This slightly sweet tasting berry packs a powerful punch against viral strains. Viruses use what is known as hemagglutinin spikes which are capable of enabling the viral cell to pass into a healthy cell and take over its functioning. Elderberry has shown a capability to stop these spikes from replicating within a cell rendering the virus ineffective. 

Pharmacy Times reported of the beneficial effects of black elderberry in laboratory studies. 

“Researchers also have found that people who have taken elderberries have higher levels of antibodies against the influenza virus, showing that not only may the berry be able to treat flu symptoms, it may also be able to prevent influenza infection.”

“In one placebo-controlled, double-blind study conducted by Israeli virologist Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, 93.3% of the people taking an elderberry preparation reported significant improvement in influenza symptoms within 2 days of starting it, compared with the 6 days it took for the placebo group to see improvement.”

Take about 60 ml or two ounces of elderberry syrup, tincture, capsules, or lozenges per day for overall immune protection. 


This flowering perennial plant native to central and western Asia, particularly China, Korea, and Taiwan has been used as an antiviral remedy for hundreds of years. It is known as an adaptogen which are plant-based remedies found in nature that strengthens your body’s resistance and stamina when confronted with biological compromise such as viral interlopers. 

One Chinese study published in the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology conclude that ,

“APS [Astragalus polysaccharide] can drastically reduce the proliferation of H9N2 [avian influenza] virus…On the whole, APS has the potential to diminish disease progression in H9N2 infected chickens, and its use could provide alternative strategies for the control of H9N2 AIV [virus in chickens] infection.”

Take astragalus according to dosage recommendation.

These 4 natural remedies to protect you from the coronavirus are the top tier applications that offer optimal results. Talk to your holistic practitioner, naturopathic doctor, or licensed herbalist for other excellent botanical remedies that will boost your immune system and keep you running on all cylinders.