3 Biggest Myths About Eye Health, Losing Vision

3 Biggest Myths About Eye Health, Losing Vision

We all know someone in  our life who is having trouble with their eyes.

Perhaps they need stronger glasses, struggle with night vision, or have trouble with small print.  Others may have been given the unfortunate news that they have more severe problems.

Many of us are incorrectly told that nothing can be done about aging eyes and that we have to live with deteriorating eyesight.

However, modern research supports an entirely different outlook and points to one’s ability to slow eyesight deterioration and increase visual acuity. Studies even have shown that you can slow age related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness in people over the age of 55. (i)

Here are the 3 Biggest Myths About the Health of Your Eyes:

Myth #1:  Nothing that can be done about eyesight deterioration.

Today more than ever we are exposed to greater levels of toxins, creating an abundance of toxicity in the human body, including your eyes!

eye health, vision lossThe result is something called “oxidation,” which leads to the release of “free radicals.”

A free radical is like a tiny red-hot coal bouncing around and bumping into other molecules and healthy cells … wreaking havoc and damaging all in its path creating inflammation and oxidative stress.

As cells are damaged and killed it creates more toxins, which lead to more free radicals.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Researchers are looking at the link between free radicals and the development of cataracts, age related macular degeneration, and overall eyesight deterioration.

Processed foods, environmental toxins, lack of exercise, cleaning compounds, household chemicals, and blue light can all be damaging to our eyesight.

The result is an explosion of free radicals raging from the inside, leading to cell damage and deterioration of eyesight.

Free radicals are “washed away” with antioxidants.

Antioxidants clear free radicals from our system to reduce or prevent damage they cause to nearby molecules and cells.

Your body can manufacture some of these antioxidants, but not others.  And your body’s natural antioxidant production declines with age.

You can fight eyesight deterioration by taking a good eye vitamin which is chocked full of powerful, free radical fighting antioxidants like lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene.

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Myth #2:  Nothing can be done to increase visual acuity.

Several research studies support that one can increase visual acuity.  Visual acuity measures the sharpness of your vision.

One method to increase visual acuity is through special eye exercises.  “The Bates Method” is an alternative therapy aimed at improving eyesight through a series of games and exercises.  It was invented by eye-care physician William Horatio Bates, M.D. (1860–1931).  Dr. Bates attributed nearly all sight problems to habitual strain of the eyes, and felt that glasses were harmful and never necessary.

Research also lends support to dietary supplements as a method to increase visual acuity with items like lutein and zeaxanthin.  These items have been linked to increased macular pigment that filters harmful UVB’s and protects the health of your eyes.

Keep in mind that the quality of these products is directly related to the effectiveness.

For example, FloraGLO® lutein is 5 times more bioavailable than cheap lutein, which means that it is more absorbable by your body and eyes. FloraGLO® lutein was used in the massive AREDS 2 study conducted by the National Eye Institute.(ii)

Myth #3:  There is no scientific proof that natural remedies work.

Plenty of scientific research studies  support the idea that natural remedies protect the health of your eyes and may increase visual acuity, however, many doctors are not educated on alternative remedies, nor do they pay attention to the results of these studies.

Here’s why …

Many practicing physicians are kept abreast of treatment options from pharmaceutical companies who pay reps to educate doctors.  They DO NOT inform them of studies from around the world that demonstrate natural ways to maintain their patients’ health and wellness, which would cut into profits of Big Pharma.

Did you know …

The National Eye Institute of the U.S. National Institutes of Health has completed two groundbreaking clinical trials concluding the effectiveness of dietary supplements on slowing eyesight deterioration.

In a another large, long-term study of more than 3,000 adults (ages 43 to 86) in Wisconsin, five-year risk for cataracts was 60 percent lower among people who reported using multivitamins or any supplement containing vitamin E or vitamin C for more than 10 years, compared with nonusers. (iii)

Improving Your Vision Naturally

Many studies have shown that research participants can improve their eyesight (without drugs or surgery).

However, the results of these studies go unknown to most doctors, so you won’t hear about them by visiting your physician or eye doctor.

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