12 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

12 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

It happens every year. You have a holiday family gathering or go to a friend’s party and end up gorging and drinking like you’re going to the electric chair. By the time you get home, you feel so sick you wish you were zapped out of your misery.

This year don’t make the same mistake. Walk out of the party feeling tip top and more importantly get a good night sleep with an easy rise.

Use these 12 tips so you get satiated but don’t go into food shock.

Don’t Go in Hungry

Stepping into a holiday party famished is like sending a drug addict into a drug den. You will grab just about anything to quell your hunger and such choices will usually be wrong.

As much as you’d like to take advantage of the holiday food, unless it’s an organic vegan feast eat something healthy before attending. You don’t have to have an entire meal, just enough to level off your blood sugar and allow you to make smart decisions on what you do end up eating.

Note: Never start a diet during the holidays. You will be miserable and so will everyone that encounters you.

Don’t Drink it Away

Sure, you may want to ‘tie one on’ at the office shindig but remember this, you will be packing on double the calories after you eat. Alcohol sends your system into fat making mode and when you add in the apps, entree and dessert you just may hear your clothes getting tighter.

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Drinking several glasses of water throughout the event will keep you on your game. It will fill you up enough so your gorge meter gets turned down and it will generate clearer thinking. Plus, if you are drinking alcohol it will significantly reduce its negative effects.

Go Small

Portion control is the key to healthy eating as well as weight loss. Amidst the carefree celebrating keep your portions to a minimum. This will enable you to taste many foods without overindulging.

Avoid Dips

Dips and sauces are fat forming sneaks. One swipe on a carrot could add upwards of 100 calories to your hips.

Slow Down

If you eat a small portion, nice and slow, and then wait about twenty minutes you may not be so hungry to grab another plate. Have patience with your food. Chew slowly for optimal digestion.

Be A Buffet Dawdler

If you hit the buffet first you may grab everything in sight it look so good. Then, by the time you’re done eating the last person on line will be finishing up, giving you more of a reason to go for seconds.

If you’re the last on line by the time you make it to the food it won’t look as appetizing. Then, by the time you’re done eating, they’ll be slim pickings and your desire for seconds will dwindle.

Get Minty Fresh

After you get your fill of small portioned healthy choices, pop in a stick of minty gum. The chewing will satisfy your next hunger hankering.

Not a gum fan? Bring a travel toothbrush and paste. Brush after a meal and you’ll be less likely to eat more.

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Bring a Booster Shot

Digestive enzymes can be just the saver you need during your holiday feast gatherings. A bottle can be purchased at your local health food store.

It should contain protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase and disaccharide for optimal digestive support. Other helpful ingredients might include fennel, peppermint, bromelain, gentian root, artichoke, cayenne and ginger.

Take two enzymes during meals to avoid bloating, gas, flatulence and other digestive challenges.

Keep it Tight

Don’t wear loose, elastic waist clothing. Keep your outfit snug and you’ll be apt to eat less. Once you loosen that belt, all bets are off.

Help Out

If you help the host cleanup and serve you’ll be too occupied to graze like everyone else. Plus, you will get high marks for being a great guest. A win-win.

Don’t Take Home Leftovers

If you’re offered leftovers make any excuse to opt out. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with all the food you were trying to avoid in the first place.

If leftovers make it into your home, chances are your stomach and eyes will have no chance against them.

If the host insists, either “accidentally” leave them behind or stop off and give them to someone less fortunate.


These 12 tips just may get you through the thick of it. Enjoy the holidays and avoid the food coma crash.