12 Best Supplements for Men

12 Best Supplements for Men

The human male system needs its own set of supplements. Blindly taking a ‘pressboard’ version of vitamins and minerals packed into one pill can be like squeezing an eyedropper full of water into the middle of the ocean. However, when one pill is taken for each specific, potential ailment there is a chance that high benefits can result.

These 12 best supplements for men address male related issues and, under the guidance of your doctor, could enable you to stop taxing your system with ineffective, expensive choices.

Smile Dammit

For many men, displaying their sadness is considered emasculating. Boost mild depression with Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR), an amino acid that has shown promise in lab studies such as those carried out by the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology stating that,

“These results indicate that ALCAR increases synaptic neurotransmission in the brain and consequently improves learning capacity in aging rats.”

ALCAR has been linked to relieving brain stress caused by aging and alcohol which, subsequently, may lead to mild depression.

Speak to your doctor about possible contraindications regarding your individual health history before taking ALCAR.

Brain Vice and Muscle Cramps

Some men are prone to chronic headaches, migraines and muscle cramps. If you experience these symptoms regularly, see your doctor and ask for a blood test to see if it might be a lack of magnesium.

A study by the New York Headache Center stated that,

“The available evidence suggests that up to 50% of patients during an acute migraine attack have lowered levels of ionized magnesium. Infusion of magnesium results in a rapid and sustained relief of an acute migraine in such patients.”

Do not take magnesium without consulting your doctor first.

Clean the Pipes and Control the Fuel 

Your arteries are superhighways for life sustaining transport. One bump in the road and that rapid delivery becomes a stressful traffic jam. Due to protective estrogen in women, men have a higher prevalence of bad cholesterol. Keep your bad cholesterol (LDL) from building up by adding psyllium (sil-ee-um) husk to your diet. Think street sweeper for your arterial walls.

This soluble (dissolvable) fiber has also shown to reduce blood sugar levels as well as lower insulin release, two markers for diabetes control. Plus, it could clean your colon like nobody’s business dragging with it current and embedded debris.

Ask your doc if 15 mg twice per day is okay. Drink plenty of water with this supplement as it may also act as an appetite suppressant given its ability to expand while doing its job making one feel full.

Keep Your Photo Stream

Close your eyes and think back to some fond memories. If you don’t see much, maybe your memory needs a boost, particularly if you’re a male according to Dr. Clifford Jack of the Mayo Clinic who states,

“We see worse memory and worse brain volumes in men than women from [age] 40s onward.”

Pycnogenol is a compound found in pine bark that has shown to fight free radical damage, particularly in the brain. An Italian study published in the Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences (12/14) cited pycnogenol’s ability to reduce nitric oxide loss and enhance neurological firing concluding that,

“Pycnogenol® supplementation for 12 weeks appears to improve cognitive function and oxidative stress in healthy professionals.”


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition cited a study that showed sixty-percent of adult men not maintaining adequate vitamin C levels. Without enough of this multi-task supplement there is the potential risk of slow wound healing, lack of cell protection and reduced connective tissue collagen production. About a 1000 mg per day is recommended however talk to your physical about the best approach.


The above supplements can be helpful per-dose habits to include in your daily routine. Some other important mentions include:

  • Saw Palmetto – Prostate
  • Korean Ginseng – Erectile dysfunction, energy, heart protection
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 – Lowers blood pressure, protects blood vessels, may help burn fat
  • Vitamin D – Bone health
  • Fish oil – Heart health
  • EGCG – Exercised enhanced fat booster

These 12 best supplements for men may be just the boost you need. Talk to your doctor, herbalist and/or naturopathic doctor for your best supplement protocol.