10 Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

10 Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

We all know that the world’s best therapist has four legs and a tail! Yes, you thought it right! Human and animal bonding are compelling and carries a lot of meaning. The positive correlation of owning a pet with the physical and mental health of humans always stands irrefutable. As per 2015’s Harris poll, ninety-five percent of pet-owners consider the animal as one of the family members. And it is an age-old thought too! Right from children to adults and even-aged individuals, loves and enjoys the company of pets.

The validated research claims various essential benefits behind having a pet at home. It helps in strengthening the physical and mental aspects of any human being. The presence of a pet always helps in fighting downheartedness, worry, along with the lowering of psychological stress. These pets cater to eternal and unconditional love, happiness, and joy amongst all in the family.

Pets – channel for unconditional love & support

The four-legged pets like dogs and cats adore their masters unconditionally. They do not have the judging nature, which the human has in-built in them. They never decide upon loving their owners, depending on various social and physical attributes. Their love is simply ‘selfless.’ They always feel secure in the company of their owners.

This kind of unconditional love is always right for the development of mental and physical health. Their bonding and attachment stimulate the brain in releasing a chemical known as Dopamine. This chemical, in turn, senses the pleasure amid their relationship. The veterinary doctors are experts in advising about the welfare of the pet animals. Many teenagers love to work at an animal shelter or any right riding home. It acts as an excellent stress-buster for them. Moreover, the families who do not own one, can visit their nearby humane society and extend a supporting hand towards these innocent four-legged lives.

Direct relation to physical and mental health

It has been years of research claiming that pets are directly related to the physical and psychological development of human beings. These studies measure the bodily transformations, while a person pets a friendly animal. The findings of the research shows – 

  • Decent dip in the blood-pressure level
  • Low heart-rate
  • Regularised breathing
  • Relaxed muscle
  • Visible signs of reduced stress

Apart from mental stability, owning a pet also aids in physical upliftment. They act as a wellness booster. The blood pressure remains at the normal range, with controlled cholesterol and an increase in body immunity. The risk of heart ailments and strokes also lessens. But then, these are not the end of the positive aspects. There is much more to it. It is like a never-ending camaraderie between both humans and pets. Read below the run-down consisting of ten physical and mental health benefits that a human enjoys by owning a pet.

  1. Uplifts mental health and lessens stress

It is a well-researched fact that humans experience less stress with their pets around, as compared to staying with their family members. Following the State University of New York at Buffalo, their various researches opinionated that owning a pet uplifts the mental and physical health of the human being. Specific recommended treatment organizations like the Promises Treatment Centers ask their patients to consider getting a pet at home. They have a rehabilitation center, along with their treatment and trauma zone, to reassure the pets with a home-like area. The interested souls are always welcome to visit the center for adoption, or else just to spend valuable time with them. They get to feed the dogs from their dog bowls and take them out for a stroll. 

2. Ease away pain and anxiety

When somebody is dealing with chronic pain like acute migraine or muscle inflammation, pets are the best healer. According to many doctors, having pets is like taking a sedative, which reduces the amount of anxiety. And less stress automatically lessens the amount of pain. Loyola University researched vastly on this subject and concluded that those individuals using pet therapy, shows positive results from any surgical procedure. They also require a significant amount of pain-relief medicines, as compared to the others.

3. Controls Cholesterol

Yet another reason for a healthy heart and low cholesterol is owning a pet. Many studies have shown that men in particular show low cholesterol level and triglyceride levels, as compared to those who do not own any pet. According to the CDC, with the aid of regular walk, playing with the pets automatically, the cholesterol level remains controlled. They all live long, in the closet company of a pet, while having fewer peculiarities in the body.

4. Controls Blood Pressure

Keeping any pet solves various issues related to blood-pressure. Most studies have come to this conclusion that any pet-owner, especially if he is suffering from hypertension or high-risk of blood pressure, observes a gradual improvement health-wise. As per  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that a pet has the innate capability to lower the issues related to the individual being hypertensive. Many veterinary consultants claim that a pet contributes a lot over reducing stress. One might lose everything in life at some point in time, but he never loses the unconditional love for his pet, and vice-versa.

5. Emotional benefit

A pet owner enjoys a lot of health benefits. Their interests are mental, physical, and loving. People having pets are always less harried and positive in their life. Primarily, for this reason, pets help in various treatments. Even if your pet is suffering from any disease, they will ensure that owners don’t take much stress. Besides this, the death or suicide rate has taken a dip, with the therapies given with the help of the pets. Thus, it stands to be a great emotional benefit to all these physically and psychologically affected soldiers.

6. Checks any heart ailments

Like the dogs, the cats are equally beneficial to a human, both physically and mentally. An owner of a cat has around thirty to thirty-five percent less chance of heart ailments, or any cardiovascular diseases, like strokes. The pets have the innate ability to help a human recovering from a heart ailment. It is thus applicable for both dog and cat-owners. 

7. Aids in social connection

According to Micheal Landa, the founder of Los Angeles–based dog-walking service The Pet Staff, any pet owner, especially the owner of dogs, is more socializing in nature than the others. Many take their pet pooches for a couple of miles’ walk and tend to meet around five to ten people. Pet owners socially engage a lot with others. They are more prompt in social contact, socializing with the next-door neighbors, and are good spectators. Social connection has its benefits. Like –

  • building-up self-confidence
  • experiencing less anxiety and downheartedness
  • gaining a more optimistic view of life
  • the building of strong emotional ties
  • enhancing improved cognitive skills
  • becoming more empathetic towards others

8. Beneficial to diabetic patients

Around one-third of the diabetic person owing to some kind of pet, like dogs, cats, rabbits, or birds, experience a change in their blood-sugar level. Various studies claim that a type of reaction to these chemical changes has turned beneficial for these diabetic patients. Many organizations train the four-legged mate for turning into a trusted companion for these patients suffering from an uneven blood-sugar level. 

9. Improves the body’s immunity system

The pets have a dramatic effect in enhancing the body resistance and allergic growth. According to the veterinary consultant, children of five to seven years of age attend school, more than the ones who do not own a pet. It is also a well-known fact that those children growing in farms are prone to fewer allergies. Thus a pet at home prevents the regular occurrence of allergies and aids in mental and physical growth positively.

10. Assists in emotional development

A child growing up with pets at home benefits from various ways. It helps in their emotional development. An attachment of a child with a pet cat or dog helps them in learning to express themselves in myriad manners. They can relate better. Those children who have autism and other Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) profits from the presence of pets. The pets encourage the children to focus on their responsibilities over a probable routine. It has a soothing effect on these autistic children. In many schools and rehabilitation centers, this is a standard drill of making the specially-abled children feed the dogs from the dog bowls. Their motor skills improve, and they start appreciating each other’s company.

Woofs and Mewings!!

The social connection between young children and adults keeps their physical, mental health stable. All pets support the concept of being socially associated with each other. Their social anxiety gets a proper outlet, and the pets stabilize social separation. Those, as mentioned earlier, ten physical and mental health benefits of owning a pet throws light over the significance of the same. Frame an idea of keeping these notions in mind. We take on a pet for good causes, and get along with them with loads of cheerfulness and positivity. The Pets are efficacious in attacking every instant of every day with that very approach. Pets are none other than an epitome of selfless love!