#1 WORST Food For Your Eyes & Vision

#1 WORST Food For Your Eyes & Vision

Exposing the Hidden Danger to Your Eyes

Do you know the #1 WORST food for your eyes and vision?

eyes examinationRead all of this page and you’ll discover what you can do today to quickly reverse the damaging affects of this food item and learn the steps to protect your eyesight!

This is a huge threat to your eyesight.

And that’s a real problem.

When your eyesight starts to fail, suddenly you can no longer do everyday tasks. You can’t go to the grocery store… you can’t get to the doctor if you have an emergency… you can’t meet your friends for dinner… and you’re afraid to even be out after dark because of your forced “curfew.”

Truth is, there are simple ways to fight glare and eyestrain, see better at night, drive with more confidence and get a leg up on all those troublesome vision issues that give you a big headache as you get older, however, that is for another article on how to improve vision naturally.

For now, this discussion is how food items and toxicity deteriorate vision and overall health. There are plenty of toxins in our food and environment that lead to toxicity and damage to our bodies and organs (our eyes are an organ). One in particular leads to illness, disease, and deterioration of memory, health, and eyesight.

#1 WORST Food For Your Eyes: SUGAR!

Okay, I know … I know. Sugar is technically NOT a food, but it is found in almost everything that is processed or packaged in our modern diet.

We’ve been hearing for years that sugar is bad for you, but did you know that it may be worse than smoking?

One study found that drinking two cans of sugary soda per day accelerated biological aging by 4.6 years! Sugar was actually making them age faster! soda

The study focused on a part of chromosomes called telomeres which have previously been linked to human lifespan. Telomeres are found at the end of chromosomes and help protect DNA. Telomeres naturally get shorter as we age which can result in damage to the DNA.

Shorter telomeres can increase one’s chances of developing several age related diseases including, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Scientists at the University of California in San Francisco say that soda physically shortens telomeres decreasing life cycle and can lead to development of some forms of cancer.

Researchers stated in the American Journal of Public Health that the effect of soda on telomeres is similar to that of smoking! In addition, eating sugar leads to increased production of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs).

This happens when glucose (blood sugar) binds with proteins in a process called glycation, making cells stiffer, less pliable and more subject to damage and premature aging. AGEs have been shown to adversely affect virtually all cells, tissues, and organ systems.

Recent studies demonstrate that elevated circulating AGEs are associated with increased risk of developing many chronic diseases that disproportionately affect older individuals– including failing eyesight.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Eyesight?

The first step is to reduce sugar from your diet to reduce the premature aging affect it has on your eyes and body. Sugar is hiding in almost all packaged and processed foods today– from yogurt, ketchup, juice, and bread… to pasta, dressings, and chips. Add more whole foods into your diet– lean meats and fish, fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, and berries.

Do your best to reduce or eliminate processed and packaged foods to reduce the damaging effects they have on your eyesight and overall health.

Take a High Quality Antioxidant Supplement

Many studies have shown that research participants can nourish their eyesight and even slow age related macular degeneration (without drugs or surgery) by taking a daily supplement like Preserve Mac Forte.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to proper supplementation and even many doctors are getting this wrong.

This results in an increased risk of vision loss for thousands of men and women. Men and women that believe they are taking the proper supplement to protect their vision.