Top 5 Energy MAXIMIZING Nutrition Tips

Why Are You So Tired All The Time?


stress( Busy schedules, poor exercise and nutrition habits, and interrupted sleep cycles are commonplace in our modern day.

The above is a shear recipe for disaster when it comes to feeling our best.

Low energy, tiredness, and constant fatigue have become a norm and millions have turned to sugary energy drinks, caffeine, pills, and tonics in attempts to recapture their overall alertness and energy levels.

Fatigue and over tiredness wreaks havoc on our immune system and can contribute to physical and mental breakdown, lead to illnesses, and just make us feel lousy all day long!

Nutrition plays a key role in how we feel.

Adding or eliminating the right or wrong items from our daily food intake will quickly have you feeling sharper, better focused, and loaded with enough energy to tackle your toughest days and challenges.

Here are the top 5 energy maximizing nutrition strategies:

1. Eat like a caveman: We’re working harder, longer hours; running children around town to activities, and losing time for wholesome sit down meals. This leads to quick fixes like fast food, packaged goods, and processed foods.

These foods lack nutritional value. They usually come loaded with simple carbohydrates, bad fats, loads of sugar, chemicals, dyes, and other toxins.

JennyCraigFocus on getting back to “healthy” foods.

If you are confused by food labels and the media, then forget labels and think “whole foods.”

Whole foods are what our ancestors ate.

Do you think a caveman had the luxury of popping a frozen burrito in the microwave?

Of course not.

Our ancestors had to hunt and gather their food.

They ate meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts.

Whole foods are packed with important energy boosting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They replace the garbage in pre-packaged foods with nutritionally dense items that are necessary for your body to function, fight illness, eliminate inflammation, and to thrive.


2. Fill up on plenty of good fats (Omega 3’s): Maybe you still think fat is bad? Well, it is NOT bad. As a matter of fact, fat is good and everyone needs this vitally important macronutrient in their diet.

People who eat high fat diets (who focus on good fats), while lowering their carbs are leaner than people who eat higher carbohydrate, low fat diets. They also have less risk of heart disease, diabetes, and a slew of other illnesses that come from high carb diet that so many people eat nowadays.

It is important to eat Omega-3s. You get more Omega-3 from fatty fish like salmon, krill, sardines, or black cod. You can also get it from walnuts, flax seeds, and grass fed beef.

Add this “good” fat to your diet and you will stay full longer, keep your sugar and insulin levels even throughout the day, and have an overall better feeling of well being.

Plus, it will keep your energy levels boosted all day long.


3. Don’t skip breakfast: We’ve heard a thousand times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Why? Eating a nutritious, nutritionally dense breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism, fuels your body with energy, stabilizes avocadoyour blood sugar, satiates your appetite, and helps you focus.

I start my day with sautéed veggies, 3 eggs over easy (pasture raised), half an avocado, and sometimes some organic sausage or bacon. Yum! It tastes great. It fills me up and loads me with energy.

Plus, I cook my eggs in coconut oil, which is loaded with MCTs and produce a whole host of health benefits.

Overall, this is a breakfast high in antioxidants, high in Omega 3s, and low in insulin spiking SUGAR (from carbs).


4. Eat 5-6 times per day: After fueling your body with a nutritious breakfast, it is important to eat again before you are STARVING! A good meal like the one above usually lets me go 4 or 5 hours before getting hungry again.

Be sure to snack in between your main meals. Eat 1/2 a handful of almonds, pecans, walnuts, and cashews (make sure to keep it to a less than a handful because they are high in calories and it is easy to overdo it) with an apple.

This will be a filling snack and the fat and fiber from the snack will keep you feeling satiated until your next meal and it will keep your energy levels high.

A typical day may look like this:

7 AM: Breakfast with 3 eggs, 1/2 avocado, veggies

10:00 AM: If hungry, then eat a snack like an apple with 1/2 a handful of nuts, or raw broccoli with 3 tablespoons of hummus, or olives with aged cheese. If you are NOT hungry, then drink a glass of water and don’t eat.

12 Noon: Sensible lunch with good fats, proteins, and veggies

4 PM: Healthy snack (see snack options above)

7 PM: Dinner. Example: chicken breast, salad (with olive oil & vinegar dressing), and all the cooked or raw veggies you can handle.

The example above will give you plenty of food to eat and keep you feeling full, focused, and packed with energy all day long! Remember, if you are not hungry, then drink a glass of water if you need something to do. If you only need half of a snack, then take half.

Listen to your body.

You don’t have to eat just because the time says you should, yet if you wait too long to eat, then it leads to overeating and poor choices because your body thinks it is starving!


5. Drink water: Dehydration is a big cause of feeling tired and fatigued. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, including 16 ounces upon waking in the morning. Get your day started by re-hydrating your body from all the fluid lost during sleep. Our bodies are constantly losing water through our skin and our breathing.

How much water do you really need? Replenish several times a day until your urine is clear.

There is ONE more BIG factor to help MAXIMIZE your energy all day long– sleep.

If not more important than the 5 strategies above, it is at least AS important.

However, it is less about the quantity of sleep that you get compared to the quality of sleep you receive.

If you can learn to manage your “Sleep Cycles,” and follow the tips above, then you will have mastered the one-two knockout punch! Your energy will be guaranteed to skyrocket within days and you won’t require caffeine, energy drinks, or pills to feel 100% alert, focused, and razor sharp.

Learn more about maximizing your energy levels through your sleep cycle now.